Help: Introduction for beginners


October 25, 2021

Wikipedia needs and welcomes volunteers. Writing it is interesting and at the same time very useful for other people. Information from Wikipedia helps pupils and students understand the curriculum, practitioners obtain the necessary information and all of us learn about what interests us. That is why we warmly welcome you and offer some advice:

Account creation and privacy

Create an account (via the account creation link) and always log in (via login) before writing to Wikipedia. Not only will you get some technical benefits and easier communication with other editors, but also more anonymity because other users will not see your computer's IP address. Wikipedia is open. This has many advantages, but there is no privacy. Remember that anyone can search for and read all your posts. Therefore, at least not be too shared at least initially. Choose a nickname as your username that will not reveal your privacy or your opinions or inclinations. You also prefer not to write everything about yourself on your user page.


Articles on the Czech Wikipedia can be edited in two modes: One is turned on by clicking Edit at the top of the article or next to the chapter title, the other by clicking Edit Source. We recommend starting with the first, the so-called Visual Editor, which is similar to regular text editors. Note that changes are not saved continuously, but you must finally save them by clicking Post Changes… Then, in the edit summary box, briefly describe what you did. Finally, click Post Changes to save your edits. For more detailed help, see the Editing page in the Visual Editor. Start with light edits. For example, by improving the language or correcting inaccuracies in some passwords. Or updates - for example, when a person dies, their article must be rewritten to the past. Or it is necessary to supplement the results of new years of various competitions and regular sports events. And so. In short, don't want to create completely new passwords right away or rewrite entire articles at once. To do this, you need to know a number of internal rules of Wikipedia, and newcomers often make mistakes and run into criticism.

Problems and Help

Be prepared for reproaches. Unfortunately, for the first time, other editors will probably come in contact with you by blaming you for an error or deleting (reverting) what you just wrote. This can be annoying and sometimes result in a dispute. So please don't take the complaints in person and don't be disgusted. Everyone understands that you are making mistakes as a newcomer, but they do not want to leave your mistakes in Wikipedia. Be polite and ask for courtesy from others. Edit with courage and don't be afraid to make a mistake. However, someone will fix it. Don't be afraid to ask. You can ask questions here; usually one of the other volunteers will respond within a short time. Attention, the page is usually very long and the latest questions are added below. In addition, you can use Wikipedia help.

Basic rules

There are many rules and recommendations on Wikipedia, but at first it is enough to know three: they must be written neutrally and impartially (which means banning the promotion of anything on Wikipedia), foreign texts and images must not be taken over without permission, because this would infringe copyright, and finally there is a need to rely on credible sources when writing about what might be controversial, and to refer to these sources in the article. Use the Quote button on the editor's toolbar to create links to resources - learn how to use it soon. Please be aware that your readers want not only the information itself, but also the opportunity to verify this information, as Wikipedia itself cannot guarantee anything. Before you start founding your pr

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