National Archives and Records Administration


August 13, 2022

The National Archives and Records Administration (abbreviated as National Archives or NARA, sometimes referred to in Czech as the Administration of National Archives and Records, the Office of National Archives and Records, the National Archives and Records Administration or the National Archives of the United States of America) is an independent agency of the United States of America, under whose authority includes the preservation and documentation of government and historical records and making them available to the public. The office is officially responsible for maintaining and publishing authentic copies of Congressional resolutions, presidential proclamations, government orders, and federal regulations. The chief administrator of the office, the Archivist of the United States, has, among other things, the duty to take care of the official documentation associated with the approval of the amendments to the United States Constitution, as well as the authority to declare when the three-quarters of the states required for ratification have been reached.


Thousands of negatives from different photographers are preserved in the archive. They worked mostly for the US government and its departments and agencies, such as the Air Force Photographic Unit of the Military Naval Forces or in the documentary projects DOCUMERICA and the like. They are, for example, photographers: Francis Stewart Esther Bubley John Karl Hillers Irving Rusinow Danny Lyon Ed Westcott Charles Fenno Jacobs Wayne Miller Charles Kerlee George W. Ackerman Charles O'Rear Anne LaBastille Rondal PartridgeImages are in the public domain and are available on the Wikimedia Commons image repository.



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