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Obodrité (also Bodrci, Latin Obotriti, German Abodriten, Polish Obodrzyci) was a tribal union of the Elbe Slavs, which in the early Middle Ages settled the northwestern Elbe in the area between the river Elbe and the Baltic Sea, roughly in the area of ​​present-day Mecklenburg. The tribal association of Obodrites included Slavic tribes of Rarogs (own Obodrites), Vagrers, Polabans, Glinans, Varnons, Drevans, Smolencs, Bytens and Fembrans. The settlements of Obodrity were Lubica, Viligard and Zvěřín. The independence of the Obodrit tribal union ended in 1167, when the Obodrit prince Pribislav accepted his country from the Saxon duke Henry the Lion as a fief; the princely dynasty thus maintained its government in the form of the Germanized (Grand) Dukes of Mecklenburg until 1918. The Obodriti were absorbed by Germanic assimilation. The last remnants of the Obodrit language (Drevanů) have been preserved until the 18th century on the so-called Lüneburg Heath.

Obodrit princes

Vlčan (Wiltzan), († 795) Dražko († 809) Slavomír († 821), until 817 alone, then together with Čedrag Chedrag, son of DražkaAfter the death of Chedrag, the land was divided among several princes: Gostimysl († 844) - his son should be the first Czech hermit, Saint Ivan Dabomysl (lived 862) Stojgnev († 955) Finally, Stojgnev's brother Mstivoj (christened Billung), until 995 Mstislav (son of Mečislav), son of Mstivoj, since 995 Pribignev (baptized Udo), († 1031), son of Mstistava, from 1018 Ratibor († 1043), brother of Pribignev Gotšalk († 1066), son of Pribigněv, from 1047 Krut († 1105), son of Grima, from 1068 Jindrich († 1127) Svatopluk († 1129), son of JindřichZmrtí Zvenka, son of Svatopluk, the Gotšalka family died out and Knut Lavard, Prince of Denmark († 1131), temporarily ruled the country. Pribislav († before 1156), Prince of Obodrit, co-ruler of Niklot.

Niklotovů pedigree

Niklot († 1160), Prince of Obodrit Pribislav († 1178), Prince of Obodrit, Lenek of Henry the Lion, 1st Prince of Mecklenburg Henry Borvin I († 1227), Prince of Mecklenburg Henry Borvin II († 1236), Prince of Mecklenburg John I, Prince of Mecklenburg (1237–1264) Henry I, Prince of Mecklenburg (1264–1302), Anastasia Pomeranian Henry II The Lion, Prince of Mecklenburg (1287-1329) Albert I. († 1379), prince from 1329, duke of Mecklenburg from 1348, m. Euphemie Sweden, granddaughter of King Magnus I. Henry I, Duke of Mecklenburg (1379-1383) Albert III, Duke of Mecklenburg (1383–1388) Albert II, King of Sweden (1363–1389), Duke of Mecklenburg (1388–1412) Albert IV, Duke of Mecklenburg (1412–1423) Kateřina, Duke Jan Zhořelecký († 1396), son of Emperor Charles IV. Magnus, († 1384) Jan, († 1422) (descendants live to this day) John I (d. 1392), Duke of Mecklenburg-Stargard Niklot (Nicholas I) († 1277), Prince of Werle (branch died out 1436) Henry Borvin III († 1277), Prince of Rostock (branch died out 1314) Pribislav II. († 1257), Prince of Perchi (branch extinct 1315/16 (?)) Vartislav († 1164) Niklot



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