December 3, 2021

The Chaffinch (Fringillidae) is a family of small to medium-sized songbirds. It feeds mainly on seeds. Most species feed their young partially or completely insects. They are mostly tree birds, but they also inhabit open areas and easily adapt to the cultural landscape. Some nest in the immediate vicinity of humans, thus adapting to their environment.


The finches have a variable body size (10-23 cm), the head is relatively large, round with a conical beak. The legs are short. The wings are rounded, there are 10 hand squadrons, but the first one is completely stunted. The tail with 12 lips is medium long. The plumage is often brightly colored, often different in both sexes (sexual dimorphism), although in some species (goldfinch) both sexes look very similar. They live mostly solitary and build nests in tree branches. Territorial singing is resonant. They are very good pilots.


Currently, about 143 species in 20 genera are reported (although their systematics has developed dynamically recently, especially in connection with mitochondrial DNA analyzes). Among them are our most popular songbirds, and one of them - the canary - has adapted so well that the number of canaries bred in the world by humans is many times higher than the state of the wild canary (Serinus canaria) in the wild. Examples of known species occurring in the Czech Republic are the Common Warbler, the Common Chaffinch, the Common Chaffinch, the Common Chaffinch, the Common Bullfinch, the Red Bullfinch, the Common Hemp, the Blackbird, the Blackbird, the Goldfinch, the Greenfinch, the Green Bell, the Garden Bellflower and several other relatives kinds.


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