Covid-19 pandemic in Austria


December 3, 2021

The covid-19 pandemic spread to Austria on February 25, 2020, when the first two cases were confirmed at a hospital in Innsbruck. As of August 27, 26,361 cases had been confirmed, of which 22,317 had been cured and 733 patients had died. Patients are in all federal states. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced anti-epidemic measures such as a ban on Italian entry into Austria without a medical certificate, the closure of colleges and universities, a two-week quarantine of citizens after returning from Italy or a ban on major social events. Tyrol. The infection appeared at the local Kitzloch restaurant at the end of February, but the operator did not report the situation to the health authorities. In Iceland, the infection was confirmed on 15 tourists on 1 March, 14 of whom were in Ischgl. Iceland warned the Austrian authorities, but there was no major reaction from Austria. In the following days, the infection was confirmed by tourists from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany, who also visited Ischgl. The daily Der Standard accused the Austrian government of keeping the situation secret due to damage to tourism in Tyrol. About 40% of infected people in Norway became infected in Ischgl, as did 80 people in Hamburg. The Robert Koch Institute in Berlin ranked Ischgl among the 10 most important coronavirus spread sites in the world.

Number of infected

As of 27 August, 26,361 infected patients had been registered and all Länder had been affected. The first victim was a 69-year-old man who died in a Vienna hospital on March 12 and was in Italy in February. A 72-year-old man also died in Vienna on March 15. A 76-year-old woman who lived in a nursing home died in Hartberg, Styria. On March 18, a 76-year-old man in Melk, Lower Austria, became the fourth victim of coronavirus. Most patients were in Vienna and Tyrol, least in Burgenland and Carinthia. 1,133,243 individuals were tested and 22,317 patients were cured. Among those infected with coronavirus in Austria were, among others, Charles of Habsburg-Lorraine, who was locked up in a domestic quarantine with a mild course, and Catholic activist Alexander Tschugguel, who contracted the disease despite his younger age and was therefore hospitalized. Situation at 27 August 2020.




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