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July 1, 2022

Peter's Lookout, also known as Peter the Great's Lookout, is located on Peter's Height at an altitude of 489 m west above the city center of Karlovy Vary. In the immediate vicinity of the viewpoint is a stone bust of Peter I the Great, which was installed in 1877 and commemorates the visit of the Russian Tsar to Karlovy Vary.


A wooden cross has probably stood on the site of today's viewpoint since the 16th century. During his second medical stay in Karlovy Vary in 1712, the Russian Tsar Peter I the Great made a bet that he would ride to this cross on an unsaddled horse. At that time, there were no paths in the forests, and the Tsar had to climb through inaccessible rocky terrain. He succeeded in the ascent on November 11, and as proof of his presence, he engraved the initials MSPI (manu sua Petrus Imperator - the ruler Peter with his own hand) into that wooden cross. Sometimes after that, the place near the cross was called Peter's Height, it was made into a lookout point and made accessible by a staircase. In 1877, a bust of Peter the Great by the Prague sculptor Tomáš Seidan was placed on the rock below the cross. In 1991, the crucifix was replaced by a simple wooden cross. In 2011, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Peter the Great's first arrival at the spa, the bust was repaired by a Russian investor. The Lázeňské lesy Karlovy Vary company restored the cross and reconstructed the observation decks and access stairs. On September 24, 2011, during the festivities of Peter I, the cross was consecrated by the clergyman Jan Křivka.


Peter's lookout with a cross is located in the forest on the slope west of the city center near the Myslivna restaurant, not far from Jeléní skok and above Mayer's glorietto. The lookout together with a cross, a lookout roundel, a bust of the Russian Tsar Peter I the Great and Mayer's gloriette form the so-called Peter's Height. In close proximity to the lookout there is a newly renovated monument to Maria Theresa's granddaughter Maria Theresa of Bourbon.

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