The president of the Czech republic


December 3, 2021

The President of the Czech Republic is the head of the Czech Republic, who is elected directly by Czech citizens, resp. eligible voters. In 1993–2012, he was elected by both chambers of Parliament, ie deputies and senators, at a joint meeting of both chambers. He shall not be liable for the performance of his duties, except for high treason and gross violation of the Constitution or other parts of the constitutional order. The President takes office by taking the oath in the hands of the President of the Senate, until 2013 he took the oath in the hands of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. The president's term of office is five years. He may also relinquish his office to the President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The Office of the President of the Republic ensures the exercise of powers, protocol duties and other functions connected with the person of the President; its protection is the responsibility of a specialized unit of the Police of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is a parliamentary republic in which the head of state is part of the pillar of executive power with limited powers in decision-making processes (passive component), most of which belong to the Prime Minister and Cabinet (active component) and counterweight). It represents the country externally and in internal relations, in terms of protocol it is the first constitutional official. The promise of the President of the Republic is: "I promise allegiance to the Czech Republic. I promise to uphold its Constitution and laws. I promise to honor my office in the interests of all the people and to the best of my knowledge and conscience. ”The President of the Republic has the right to attend meetings of both chambers of Parliament, their committees and commissions. He is given the floor whenever he requests it. The President of the Republic has the right to attend government meetings, request reports from the government and its members, and discuss with the government or its members issues that fall within their competence. According to the Constitution, the President, as the head of state, is also the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, which means certain decisions (typically it is necessary to make decisions in a matter of days or even hours). Furthermore, the president is also the addressee of intelligence services and also assigns tasks to them with the knowledge of the government. It also performs a number of other activities, some of which are listed directly in the Constitution, others in (ordinary) laws (eg the appointment of the chairman of the ÚDHPSPH). It also has one of the seven keys to the door in the chapel of St. Wenceslas in the Cathedral of St. Víta, which leads to the Crown Chamber, where the Czech coronation jewels are stored.

Election of the President

A citizen who has the right to vote and has reached the age of 40 may be elected President of the Republic. No one can be elected more than twice in a row. Nor can a citizen who has been convicted of high treason or gross violation of the Constitution or another part of the constitutional order be elected. A candidate can be nominated by at least twenty deputies or ten senators, or any citizen of the Czech Republic who has reached the age of 18, if his proposal is supported by a petition signed by at least 50,000 citizens. The election of the President of the Republic is announced by the President of the Senate, held by secret ballot, and every Czech citizen who has reached the age of 18 on the day of the election has the right to vote. In the first round, a candidate who obtains an absolute majority of all valid votes can be elected. If no one obtains an absolute majority, a second round takes place within 14 days, in which the two most successful candidates from the first round advance (with the theoretical equality of votes, all who receive such a number of votes, so that there are at least two). In the second round, the candidate who gets more votes will be elected (again, with a theoretical equality of votes, a completely new election will be announced within ten days).


The President cannot be detained during his term of office,

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