Radim Uzel


May 28, 2022

Radim Uzel (March 27, 1940 in Ostrava - May 2, 2022 in Prague) was a Czech gynecologist, sexologist and regional politician, popularizer of sexology, honorary chairman and member of the Scientific Board of the Society for Family Planning and Sex Education, and a university teacher. He has published many popular articles in the press, interviews, and is the author of journalistic programs on radio and television. Every year he attended dozens of lectures and discussions in the field of sex education. [Source?]


He was born in 1940 in Ostrava as a funeral; he came from the family of an associate professor of analytical chemistry at Charles University and a master of pharmacy. After graduating from the grammar school in Orlová in 1957, he entered the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno and graduated in 1963. He later worked at the gynecology and obstetrics department of the OÚNZ in Ústí nad Orlicí; in 1967, after attestation in women's medicine, was admitted to II. Women's Clinic in Brno as a researcher headed by prof. Uhra, in the summer of 1969 he started working as a spa doctor in Františkovy Lázně; in 1973 he completed the second, postgraduate attestation in women's medicine. He studied at the Institute of Sexology in Prague. He became a regional Ordinary in Ostrava, where he remained until 1989. From 1966 he was married (his wife Helena died in 2021). Daughter Kateřina (* 1967) studied opera singing, but she specializes in ceramics and designer jewelry. After the Velvet Revolution, he worked at the Institute for Mother and Child Care in Prague, and since 1993 he has been the director of the Society for Family Planning and Sex Education (SPRSV). He was a member of the committee of the Sexual Society of the Czech Medical Society J. E. Purkyně, a member of the foreign professional societies European Association of Contraception (EAC) and the International Society of Abortion Doctors (ISAD). He was also an external teacher at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. In March 2020, he received the Medal of Merit from President Miloš Zeman. He died in May 2022 in Prague at the age of 82, the cause of death was stomach cancer; he had suffered a heavy covid before.


At the time of communist normalization, he was chairman of the basic organization of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in Ostrava. After the Velvet Revolution, the Independent Erotic Initiative stood at the birth of the party, for which he was a member of the City Council. of Prague. In the 1996 Senate elections, he unsuccessfully ran for the Green Party in Ostrava; won 7.87% of the votes. In the 2000 Senate elections, he did not pass the second round in the district of Prague 12, where he ran for ČSNS. In 2004, he ran for the Senate in Mělník for the Self-Defense of Voters party, when he reached the second round; here, however, he succumbed to Jiří Nedom of the ODS. In 2012 he ran for SPOZ, in Břeclav; Between 1998 and 2001 he was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Prague Services. the most intelligent of the Czech communist statesmen and was recognized as one of the few communist representatives in the world. ”Milan Hulík, a lawyer for political prisoners from the time of normalization, reacted critically.


He has been repeatedly criticized by some experts and publicists for making public statements about sexual harassment because, in their view, professional authority alleviates the problem and justifies sexist behavior in his own words. Some sexologists, psychologists, lawyer and self-defense instructor Pavel Houdek, gender equality expert Tomáš Pavlas, and sociologist focusing on sex education Lucie Jarkovská described his attitudes as unacceptable. Sexologist Pavel Turčan defended him, according to him