October 25, 2021

TOTAL is an electoral coalition of Czech political parties. It was founded in 2020 and is composed of a bloc of liberally conservative center-right and right-wing parties. It consists of the Civic Democratic Party, KDU-ČSL and TOP 09. The leader is Petr Fiala. With 27.8% of the vote, the coalition won the elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament in 2021 and won 71 seats. The coalition was initially called Trojkoalice, from 9 December 2020 The coalition partially broke up after the election. The parties of the coalition have separate clubs in the Chamber of Deputies, but the post-election procedure is common (according to the principle, either all parties will join the opposition or the coalition), together the parties also negotiate the government. There are also joint meetings of parliamentary groups. The coalition refused to cooperate with the YES movement at the government level, which the coalition leader Petr Fiala announced to journalists in December 2020. The representatives of the coalition repeatedly described the coalition of Pirates and Mayors as the preferred partner, with whom they also began to negotiate a government after the elections.



Already after the elections in 2017, which turned out to be unsuccessful for the center-right parties, consideration began to be given to merging these parties into a coalition. Calls for such a connection gradually grew. The cooperation of ODS, TOP 09, KDU-ČSL and the STAN movement was most often inflected. However, in the course of 2020, this movement began to lean more towards cooperation with the Czech Pirate Party. After the regional elections in 2020, the ODS, KDU-ČSL and TOP 09 officially began negotiations on a possible electoral coalition for the Czech parliamentary elections in 2021. The ODS leadership agreed to form a coalition with other parties on October 25, 2020. Two days later, party leaders Petr Fiala, Marian Jurečka and Markéta Adamová signed a memorandum of cooperation and announced that the ODS, KDU-ČSL and TOP 09 had formed an electoral coalition for the next parliamentary elections. The joint candidate for prime minister is ODS chairman Petr Fiala. On November 11, the parties announced that the ODS was nominating leaders in 9 regions, KDU-ČSL in three regions and TOP 09 in two regions. The electoral coalition was referred to in the media as the Troika Coalition; on December 9, 2020, it was announced that the coalition would perform under the name "TOGETHER".

Election campaign

On December 9, 2020, the TOTAL coalition presented the starting points of the election program and the initial campaign with the logo. TOTAL coalition for elections to the Chamber of Deputies. The information that Dominik Feri behaves inappropriately towards women led to the removal of the page with the "I have a voice" campaign from the Internet. on door to door campaign.

After the election

In the evening after the election, representatives of the coalition met with representatives of the Pirates and Mayors and announced the beginning of negotiations on the government.


Leaders in regions

Election result

Chamber of Deputies



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