United States of America


December 7, 2021

The United States of America, abbreviated to the United States (US), is the Democratic Federal Presidential Republic of North America, lying between the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. . It borders Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. Thanks to the state of Alaska, the territory of the United States of America extends to the shores of the Arctic Ocean (the Bering Strait separates them from the Asian territory of Russia), and also includes some Pacific islands (especially Hawaii). The United States consists of 50 states, one federal territory with the capital and seat of the President, Congress and the Supreme Court (District of Columbia), six dependent territories (Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Palmyra Atoll) and Ten small islands or reefs. With an area of ​​9.8 million square kilometers, the United States is the third largest country in the world (after Russia and Canada). With a population of more than 327 million, they are the third most populous country on the planet (after China and India). The population is traditionally concentrated on both coasts, with the largest city in the United States, New York, on the east and the second largest city in Los Angeles on the west coast. The capital is Washington. The eastern part of the country is more densely populated than the western part. According to nominal GDP, the United States is the world's largest economy, and according to GDP in purchasing power parity, the second largest (after China). Their economic output represents about a quarter of global GDP. They are the world's largest importer and the second largest exporter. They have become a symbol and pioneer of a free market economy, in many ways they have inspired Europe or China. Compared to Europe, however, they show a lower rate of wealth redistribution and greater economic disparities between people. In nominal GDP per capita, they are in eighth place in the world, in GDP in purchasing power parity per capita at twelfth, in human development index at thirteenth. The US currency, the dollar, is the world's major reserve currency. American industry and commerce has performed well and conquered markets around the world (Ford, Coca-Cola, Boeing, JP Morgan, Exxon, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook). By most criteria, they are the most militarily powerful countries of the world. Forty percent of the world's military spending is on the United States. They are a nuclear power and the only country to have used a nuclear weapon in a military operation. They are one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. They are evaluated geopolitically as a superpower, and they gained this status mainly after 1945, after their victory in World War II. After the end of the Cold War (1989), it was even said that they were the only superpowers, which China and Russia in particular are trying to change today. The United States' relations with Europe, and especially the United Kingdom, are specific, as it was the European powers that colonized North America to face the rebellion of local colonists and the independence movement, with the British clashing decisive (the British declared independence from Britain in 1776). However, with the rise of English as the main and official language of the United States, the specific link between the United States and Britain (as well as other English-speaking Commonwealth countries such as Canada and Australia) remains. Ties with western continental Europe were given by immigration waves in the 19th century (especially from Germany and Italy), strengthened after the American liberation of this part of Europe from Nazism in 1945. The United States then, among other things, through the NATO military organization, became the guarantor security of this part of Europe. After the fall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe

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