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July 1, 2022

Stanislav Fišer (December 14, 1931 Hořice - June 11, 2022) was a Czech theater and film actor and drummer.


He started as an amateur, after World War II. He first performed at the Youth Theater, led by Míla Mellanová. He then alternated his engagement at the Vinohrady Theater, the Jiří Wolker Theater and the E. F. Burian Theater. From 1959 he worked for Jan Werich at the ABC Theater, which was later incorporated into the Municipal Theaters of Prague, where he remained under the direction of Ota Ornest until his retirement in acting in 1993. He played his first episodic roles in the famous films The Inn at the Stone Table from 1948 and Family Trampots by Official Tříška (1948). From the second half of the 1950s to the 1990s, he was one of the most popular film and television actors. He often played episodic or negative episodic roles. In 1999, he won the František Filipovský Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Dubbing. In 2004, doctors diagnosed him with laryngeal cancer, he had to undergo a radical procedure in which his vocal cords were taken away, and he lost his unmistakable voice. He could not speak without a special device and lived in seclusion until his death.

Theatrical roles, selection

1962 Thornton Wilder: Mrs. Dolly, matchmaker, Barnabáš Tucker, ABC Theater, directed by Ladislav Vymětal 1966 Maurice Hennequin: Lying Ketty 1967 Mikhail Bulgakov: Purple Island

Film and television

Florenc 13.30 Parta Hic The star is falling up Poor Mr. Kufalt 30 cases of Major Zeman Sinful people of the city of Prague Foam and umbrella The death of the black king The adventures of criminology


He lent his voice to Pierre Brice, the film's representative Vinnetou, or Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther film series. He is also known for dubbing Paul Villagio in comedies about accountant Fantozzim.

Work for radio

1999 Dmitry Sergeyevich Merezhkovsky: Leonardo da Vinci, a ten-part radio series. Roman Císař prepared the dramatization from Anna Tesková's translation, and Markéta Jahodová directed it in Jana Paterová's dramaturgy. Persons and cast: Leonardo da Vinci (Viktor Preiss), Giovanni / Antonio / Boltraffio (Tomáš Petřík), Cipriano Buonaccorsi (Karel Pospíšil), Grillo (Stanislav Fišer), Antonio da Vinci (Rostislav Čtvrtlík), Giorgio Merula (Vladimír Ráž), Strocco (Pavel Pípal), Faustino (Rudolf Kvíz), Girolamo Savonarola (Jiří Zahajský), Cesare da Sesto (Vladimír Dlouhý), Salaino, Gian Giacomo Caprotti (Jan Hrubec), Marco d'Oggione (Zdeněk Hruška), Mona Cassandra (Lenka Krobotová), Zoroastro (Alois Švehlík), court fireman (Steve Maršálek) and others. Music: Lukáš Matoušek. 2001 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The One Who Doesn't Get Your Sight Off. Translated and dramatized by Josef Hlavnička, music by Petr Mandel, dramaturgy by Jana Weberová, directed by Hana Kofránková. Persons and cast: Patrick O'Grady (Otakar Brousek), Captain James Barton (Ladislav Frej), Patrik, lawyer, descendant of O'Grady (Ivan Trojan), General Montague (Josef Somr), Macklin (Stanislav Fišer), Doctor Richards ( Miloš Hlavica), George Norcott (Jiří Ornest), unknown (Stanislav Oubram), Hawkins (David Novotný), Fiakrista (Steve Maršálek), voice (Richard Honzovič) and Lady Rochdaleová (Věra Kubánková).



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