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January 24, 2022

Stanislav Rudolf (February 16, 1932 Jičín - January 8, 2022 Brandýs nad Labem) was a Czech writer, screenwriter, editor, film dramaturg, author of books for children and youth, originally a teacher.


He came from the family of a railway worker, his mother worked in agriculture, their family lived in Železnice near Jičín. He studied at the Jičín grammar school and during his studies in 1950 he also completed a course for film projectors. After graduation, he wanted to study at FAMU in Prague, but he was not accepted. He eventually graduated for several months as an employee of the Research Institute of Radio and Television Technology in Prague. He then graduated from the Faculty of Education in České Budějovice. After graduating, he worked as a teacher at a primary school in Písek. He later studied again at the University of Education, but this time in Prague. After that he became the editor of Pionýrské noviny and then also the editor of the magazine Květy. In the years 1977–1982 he worked as a freelancer, after which he became a screenwriter and for a short time, 1983–1983, also a playwright at the Film Studio in Barrandov. After that, he continued to devote himself only to literary and screenwriting.


For children and youth

1969 Metráček or Impossible Fat Girl (girl's novel, filmed) 1973 Daisies for the chateau lady 1973 My birds don't fly 1974 Valley of beautiful frogs 1975 Blue Rain - childhood experiences 1977 Metráček or Bones are thrown 1980 At the traffic light green Meringue Tenderly crocheted time Calendar for girls in love A book for girls in love How we listened to the night Paradise is far away The first half of heaven A million girl Nebreč Lucie Gemini Eclipse of the heart 365 days old girls in love

For adults

1978 Colorblind 1980 In every window Julie 1980 My Daughter's Operation - (short story, filmed) 1981 Formula 1 - (novel, experiences of visiting the Cannes Film Festival) 1983 Running of a tired horse Pajamas after the dead I love you, man! (book of feuilletons and reflections) I will wait for you, love! All my loves Anesthesia days Cape of Good Hope

Feature films (theme or screenplay)

1971 Metráček 1973 Valley of Beautiful Frogs (theme and screenplay) 1981 Daisies for the chateau lady 1984 Atomic Cathedral 1986 My Daughter's Operation (theme and screenplay)

Television productions

Romance for nine long years


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