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December 3, 2021

Nova (also TV Nova) is a Czech commercial television station. It received its broadcasting license in 1993, and began broadcasting on February 4, 1994. It thus became the first Czech nationwide private television station. Its founder and at the same time the first general director was Vladimír Železný. It is one of the most watched Czech television stations. It is operated by the media company TV Nova, which belongs to Bermuda's Central European Media Enterprises (CME). Television Nova is based on Kříženecké Square in Prague 5, Barrandov. Television is available throughout the Czech Republic. Jan Vlček and Klára Brachtlová have been CEOs since 2019.


Establishments and conflicts

In mid-1992, American Mark Palmer and Peter Hunčík and other colleagues founded a limited liability company CET 21 (Central European Television for the 21st Century) with a plan to establish commercial television in 6 European countries. Vladimír Železný joined them in the final application for a license in the Czech Republic. Palmer was president of the German Central European Development Corporation (CEDC), which also had a connection with CME's own Ronald Lauder. Later, CEDC and CET 21, together with Česká spořitelna, established the Czech Independent Television Company (ČNTS), where CEDC owned 66% of the ownership rights, Česká spořitelna 22% and CET 21 12%. ČNTS therefore started operating the new Nova television through a license owned by CET 21. The Czech independent television company was a very prosperous company, which was attractive to CME, so it tried to obtain a license for itself. CME acquired its sister company CEDC, in which it already participated, and in 1996 it bought a stake in Česká spořitelna for $ 36 million, thus acquiring an 88% stake in ČNTS. In the same year, it lent a sufficient amount of money to Vladimír Železný to be able to pay off the remaining owners of CET 21 and become the sole owner. Železný did so and CME forgave his debt. The 12% stake in CET 21 was further divided into a 1% stake for CET 21, a 5.2% stake in Železný (Nova Consulting) and a 5.2% stake in the remaining 5 CET 21 shareholders, which CME immediately bought. She later bought a stake in Nova Consulting. Thanks to these steps, Vladimír Železný gained a dominant position in CET 21, became the sole licensee and also a multimillionaire. Subsequently, Vladimír Železný decided to run Nova alone, without American partners. However, they decided to sell their Eastern European business and offered Železný 4 billion crowns for the next 12 years, which he would receive for the work done for the future owner. However, Železný refused the offer. When the sale took place, the companies' finances had to be checked, but it was found that the CEO of ČNTS Vladimír Železný had not fulfilled his obligations in accordance with the contract and CME calculated the damage at 69 million crowns, which resulted in the removal of Vladimír Železný from the position of CEO. April 1999. On appeal, Železný decided not to leave Nova CME as CET 21, MEF Holding and Investiční a poštná banka, Czech Production 2000, which replaced ČNTS. Železný received the necessary funds to prepare for the broadcast and waited for a suitable moment when it would be possible to terminate the contract with ČNTS, which happened when CET 21 was not submitted a daily broadcasting plan. Immediately in August 1999, he moved Nova's broadcasting to Barrandov, from where he continued with Nova without ČNTS. CME responded to this step by filing a number of lawsuits and criminal reports. However, RRTV did not listen to the interests of the American investor and did not take note of the preliminary decision of the international arbitration, which decided on the return of Železný to CME. As a result of these steps, the Czech Republic had to f

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