May 28, 2022

U2 is an Irish rock band founded in 1976. Its members are: Bono (real name Paul David Hewson) - vocals, guitar, the Edge (real name David Howell Evans) - guitar, sometimes keyboards, vocals, backing vocals, Adam Clayton - bass guitar and Larry Mullen, Jr. - drums and percussion. U2's musical style has its roots in post-punk, gradually evolving, but retaining the anthemic quality built on Bon's expressive vocals and the guitar texture effects of guitarist Edge. Their texts, often decorated with spiritual images, focus on personal and socio-political themes. Their live performances also became popular, and the band also organized several ambitious and sophisticated tours throughout their careers. The members formed the band as teenagers when they attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School. Within four years, they signed with Island Records and released their debut album Boy (1980). Subsequent work, such as their first album to reach number one in the UK, War (1983) and the singles "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Pride (In the Name of Love)", helped build U2's reputation as a politically and socially conscious group. In the mid-1980s, they became world-famous for their live performances, highlighted on Live Aid in 1985. The band's fifth album, The Joshua Tree (1987), made them international stars and was their greatest success, both commercial and acclaimed. They have been at the forefront of music charts around the world, with their only singles to date in the United States: "With or Without You" and "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." The band is one of the best-selling rock bands in the world. In more than four decades of existence, they have released 14 studio albums and sold an estimated 150-170 million music media. They won 22 Grammy Awards - more than any other band - and in 2005 were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility. Rolling Stone magazine placed U2 in 22nd place in its list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. Throughout their careers, the group as a whole or members as individuals have been involved in human rights and social justice campaigns, including Amnesty International, Jubilee 2000, ONE / DATA, Red Product, War Child and Music Rising.


Beginnings (1976–1980)

The group was initiated by 14-year-old Larry Mullen Jr., who in October 1976 posted a call to form a band on the notice board of Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, Ireland. He stated that he had bought drums and was looking for someone with a guitar. The first meeting, the audition, took place in the Mullen kitchen and, in addition to Larry, was attended by brothers Dave and Dick Evans, Adam Clayton, Paul Hewson, Peter Martin and Ivan McCormick. The last two nominees did not attend any further exams. The remaining musicians formed a band called Feedback, which, according to The Edge, was the only thing heard from their production at the time. At first, the members of the band were not satisfied with the quality of the singing and guitar playing Paul Hewson, they thought that he would be replaced by someone else, but at the first concert Hewson proved to be a showman. That decided to leave him in the band. Towards the end of 1976, the band won a school talent contest with their version of Show Me The Way (originally by Peter Frampton). After 18 months of rehearsals, the band changed its name to The Hype (roughly expectations, cracks, excessive advertising massage, but also a drug addict) and began performing in clubs. She played cover versions of songs by the Sex Pistols and Clash. On March 17, 1978 (St. Patrick's Day, Ireland), they took part in a competition in Limerick, which they won and received a prize of £ 500 and the opportunity to make a demo recording in the studio.