NovaVax covid-19 vaccine


January 24, 2022

The Novavax covid-19 vaccine, sold under the trade name Nuvaxovid, among others, is a subunit vaccine against covid-19 developed by Novavax and the Coalition for Innovative Epidemic Preparedness, which is being tested in India under the trade name Covovax. It requires two doses for vaccination and is stable at 2 to 8 ° C. It is recommended that the second dose be given three weeks after the first dose. In November 2021, the vaccine was approved for emergency use in Indonesia and the Philippines, and in December 2021 in the European Union. It is a recombinant spike protein vaccine. The vaccine is nanoparticulate (MatrixM) adjuvanted. The vaccine is partly manufactured by the Czech company Novavax CZ (whose parent company is Novavax), which is based and operates in the settlement of Bohumil in Jevany. February 2021, an ongoing evaluation of the vaccine to show that the data were sufficient to allow the EMA to apply for marketing authorization. In November 2021, the company submitted an official application for vaccine approval. The EMA and subsequently the European Commission approved the vaccine on 20 December 2021 for use in the European Union.

Clinical evaluation

In phase 3 clinical trials (45,000 participants), the vaccine had an efficacy of 90.4% in the study in the United States and Mexico, and 89.7% in the study in the United Kingdom. The side effects observed were usually mild to moderate in severity. The most common side effects were injection site sensitivity, injection site pain, fatigue, myalgia and headache. However, preliminary results in a study in South Africa showed a lower rate of effectiveness against the beta variant, at around 50-60%.



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