Vlastislav Toman


May 28, 2022

Vlastislav Toman (July 17, 1929 Pilsen - May 11, 2022) was a Czech journalist, adventure book writer and comic book screenwriter. In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, he was the editor-in-chief of ABC magazine.


He got his first name by mistake from the registrar - his name was Vlastimil. He graduated from the Higher Industrial School of Electrical Engineering in Pilsen, which he completed in 1948, after World War II. World War II, during which he was totally deployed. After graduating, he joined the Doudlevce plant in Plzeň as a designer. In 1948, he became the external correspondent of the Young Front in Pilsen. He first published a short story in the magazine Vpřed in 1948. In 1953–1956 he was the cultural editor of the magazine Rudá zástava. In 1956, he helped found ABC magazine for young technicians and naturalists, and in 1959 he became its editor-in-chief, which he was until he reached retirement age (1991). ABC was the largest youth magazine during his tenure. Since 1994, he has been managing Kamarád youth magazine. In 1999, he founded the magazine ZET 21. During his life, he published a number of adventurous and popular science books and comic book scripts, usually with a sci-fi theme. These comics were published in the continuation of ABC magazine, marginally and elsewhere (Pionýrské noviny - Odesílatel neznámý). He also devoted himself to the popularization of astronautics and the history of firearms. Six cycles about the alien Kruan is the longest Czech sci-fi comic, the Rangers the longest club comic after the Fast Arrows by Jaroslav Foglar. He lived in Prague. He was a member of the Communist Party, he joined the party after World War II out of conviction. In the 1990s, he wrote a newspaper for the communist Haló.


CSAV Award for the Best Popular Science in Press, Radio and Television (1974) Jan Šverma Journalist Award for Press (1984) Order of Labor (1989) Grandmaster of the Genre, Aeronautilus Award for long-term organizational and creative work, 12th Fantasy Festival (2007 ) Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Award 2007, for many years of work for SF, at the Book World Fair (2008) induction into the Komiksfest Hall of Fame, (2008) Muriel Award, 3rd Komiksfest (2008) Key to Fantasy for lifelong literary work and editorial work for children and young people of several generations, Prague branch of the Jaroslav Foglar Association of Friends (SPJF), at the traditional SPJF meeting in Sluneční zátoka in Sázava, (June 20, 2009) Honorable mention of the Bohumil Polan Award for the year 2008, for the book of short stories Třetí výprava (2009)


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