Human impact on the environment


October 20, 2021

Human or anthropogenic impact on the environment are changes in the environment, ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources caused directly or indirectly by humans, such as global warming, environmental degradation (eg ocean acidification), mass extinctions, loss of biodiversity outside other. All landscape spheres of the Earth (especially the hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere or pedosphere) are fundamentally affected by man. The term anthropogenic can therefore be most often encountered in scientific disciplines that are related to the environment, such as ecology, environmental studies, geography, biology, chemistry and many others.


Overpopulation, insufficient social justice, excessive use of natural resources, excessive consumption, physical waste An unsustainable system of the world economy Agriculture, forestry Deforestation Monoculture Irrigation Meat production (see impact of meat production on the environment) Fishing Infrastructure and created environment Extraction of raw materials, hydraulic fracturing Energy industry: combustion of fossil fuels for energy production: shipping, land, air transport - environmental impacts of aviation operation of buildings (heating, cooling)


Climate change: global warming, climate stagnation Physical waste pollution, light pollution, noise pollution Environmental degradation: eg ocean acidification, soil erosion, soil degradation, habitat loss, biodiversity loss Disruption of the nitrogen cycle: human influence on the nitrogen cycle (see biogeochemical cycle) Disruption of the water cycle Mass extinction of species of organisms



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