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October 25, 2021

It happens that people want to cite Wikipedia articles in their own works. This page summarizes the practical requirements of the CC-BY-SA license under which Wikipedia articles are distributed. Like any other source, you should not blindly trust Wikipedia and, if possible, verify the accuracy of its information from independent sources. See also our Disclaimer. A wiki is an unusual medium that does not fit into the usual citation formats in many respects. Regardless of which one you use, there are a few general principles to keep in mind: Wikipedia has a large number of authors and is considered a collective work; therefore, you should not cite the individual authors of an article (simply because there may be many in practice). However, if you still need to find out a list of specific authors of the site, you will find it in its history. The citation should cite both the title of the article and Wikipedia as the source, similar to quoting a paper magazine. It is advisable to state the date and time of the used revision of the article, as its appearance may change radically in the period between the moment you use it and the moment when your reader sees it. The time of the revision can be found in the page history. You can also find a direct link to the revision (Permanent link) in the page history or in the "Tools" panel in the left menu. This may or may not be appropriate to use, depending on the context of the citation. Most citation styles require the full article URL. However, if more brevity is required, you can only provide the URL of Wikipedia (ie for its Czech version), because the address of the article is easily deducible from its title. Some citation styles require you to indicate the date the web page you used was downloaded. However, if possible, we recommend that you do not specify this date and give priority to the date of the revision used. Each article in Wikipedia should be cited separately.

Prepared quotes

For each article, you have a Cite page link in the left panel of the "Tools" that leads to a special Special: Cite page. There you will get already prepared citations of the relevant article in several commonly used formats.

Example of citation designation

History of Finland [online], last update September 9, 2005 22:46 [cit. 1. 1. 2006], Wikipedia. Available from WWW:

See also

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