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October 25, 2021

This page contains information on how to contact the creator of Wikipedia about various issues related to Wikipedia.

Before you contact…

Questions about the content of articles

If you need advice on any activity on Wikipedia, see the list of help topics. If you're new here and want to know the basics, try the Wikipedia Guide. For help editing, see Help: How to edit a page. If you think that an article does not belong in Wikipedia, suggest it for discussion about deletion. If you would like to read an article on a topic that we have not yet processed, you can suggest it on the page of required articles. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the Wikipedia page: Frequently Asked Questions.

Copyright issues

If you believe that an article on Wikipedia infringes copyright, please follow the instructions on the Wikipedia page: Infringement. If you need advice on copyright on Wikipedia, see the Wikipedia: Copyright page. If you would like to use Wikipedia content, you may, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License, in some cases also under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Community Questions

If you need help from more advanced users or administrators, you can ask at Wikipedia: I need help. Questions to the user community, questions about the technical details of the operation of Wikipedia, etc. can be asked Pod lípou. You can also try to contact the Czech Wikipedia by e-mail at You can also contact the Wikipedia community on Wikipedia's social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Queries for specific users

If you wish to contact a particular user, you can leave a message on their discussion page, but be aware that everyone will be able to read such a message. If you need to contact a user privately, try using the Send Email link on their discussion page (but not everyone has it enabled) or see if a contact is listed on their user page. If you need to contact an administrator, see the list of administrators or write on the board of administrators. If this is a matter that cannot be resolved publicly, you can contact us at

Wikimedia Foundation, press contacts

If you want to help the Wikimedia Foundation with a sponsorship or buy items with the Wikipedia logo, see the information for sponsors or the e-shop.

Mailing address and other contacts

Wikimedia Foundation Inc. 1 Montgomery Street Suite 1600 San Francisco CA 94104 USA phone: + 1-415-839-6885 fax: + 1-415-882-0495 web: e-mail: Further information can be found at the foundation: Contact us. However, the Wikimedia Foundation is not the author of the content and cannot influence it, please send such questions to [email protected], where one of the volunteer wikipedists will advise you.

Wikimedia Association Czech Republic

More detailed information incl. Account numbers can be found on the "Contact" page on the official website Wikimedia Czech RepublicWikimedia Czech Republic is a non-profit organization (association) operating in the Czech Republic and affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. Supports and promotes Wikimedia projects and free creation in general. However, it does not interfere with the content of projects and is not responsible for it.

Press Contacts

Press representatives can contact the Wikimedia Foundation by email at or by calling + 1-415-839-6885. For more information, see wikimedia: Press. The Czech Association Wikimedia Czech Republic can be contacted at its e-mail

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