Wikipedia: Selected anniversaries of the day / June


July 1, 2022

June 1

1812 - President James Madison asked Congress to declare war on the United Kingdom. 1862 – The first public falconry exercise took place in Prague. 1922 – The Royal Ulster Constabulary was founded. 1932 – The Pieniny National Park was established in Poland. 1962 - Adolf Eichmann (pictured), one of the main organizers of the Holocaust, was executed by hanging in Israel. show · discussion · edit · history · track

June 2

1297 – Wenceslas II. he was crowned king of Bohemia, having already taken over the government 14 years earlier in May 1283. 1692 - The Salem Witch Trials begin with the trial of Bridget Bishop. 1962 - FIFA World Cup: The Chile-Italy match (2:0) turned into a series of violence against which the police had to intervene on the field four times. 1967 – Student Benno Ohnesorg was murdered by a Stasi agent in the ranks of the West German police during protests against the visit of Shah Pahlavi of Iran in West Berlin. 2012 - Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (pictured) was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the killing of protesters during Egypt's "Arab Spring". show · discussion · edit · history · track

June 3

1887 – Emperor William inaugurated the construction of the Emperor William Canal, known today as the Kiel Canal. 1942 – World War II: The Battle of the Aleutian Islands begins with a raid by Japanese planes on Dutch Harbor. 1952 – The Soviet Mil Mi-4 helicopter (pictured) takes off for the first time. 1982 - Members of the Palestinian terrorist organization Abu Nidal assassinate Israeli ambassador Shlomo Argov in London. 1992 - The Conference on Environment and Development began in Rio de Janeiro. show · discussion · edit · history · track

June 4

1792 - George Vancouver claims the area around Puget Sound (pictured) as British territory. 1942 – Reinhard Heydrich, representing the Reich Protector in Bohemia and Moravia, died in Na Bulovce Hospital as a result of the May 27 assassination. 1942 – World War II in the Pacific: The main part of the Battle of Midway takes place, in which Japan suffers a crushing defeat. 1982 – Hooper's film Poltergeist was released. 2002 - Chad Trujillo and Michael E. Brown discover the trans-Neptunian body Quaoar. show · discussion · edit · history · track

June 5

1832 – An uprising broke out in Paris (pictured), the aim of which was to overthrow King Louis Philippe and establish a republic, but it ended in failure after only two days. 1862 - The French conclude the first Treaty of Saigon with King Tu Duc of Vietnam, according to which they gain control over part of southern Vietnam. 1942 – World War II: The US declares war on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania. 1982 – The first speedcubing world championship (composing a Rubik's cube) was held in Budapest. 1992 – After the fall of Jan Olszewski's government, Waldemar Pawlak was appointed prime minister of Poland, but his cabinet never gained confidence. show · discussion · edit · history · track

June 6

1892 – The first section of the Chicago subway was opened. 1912 – The newly emerging Alaskan volcano Novarupta began to erupt, by far the most powerful volcanic eruption of the 20th century. 1972 - Bowie's (pictured) album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is released. 1982 - The Israeli army entered southern Lebanon with the aim of eliminating PLO fighters, the First Lebanon War began. 1992 – In the Czechoslovak parliamentary elections, ODS and HZDS won by a large margin. show · discussion · edit · history · track

June 7

1002 – Bavarian prince and distant cousin of Emperor Otto III. Henry was crowned king of Germany in Mainz. 19