Wikipedia: Selected anniversaries of the day / October


October 25, 2021

October 1

1891 - The first semester at Stanford University begins. 1931 - The George Washington Bridge (pictured) opens, connecting New York with New Jersey. 1971 - Walt Disney World Resort opens in Florida. 1971 - The world's first clinical prototype scan based on the principle of computed tomography (CT) is introduced. 1991 - The Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches enters into force. show · discussion · edit · history · track

October 2

0811 - Michael I. Rangabe is proclaimed Byzantine Emperor. The previous emperor Staurakios, who was forced to abdicate, went to the monastery. 1421 - Hussite wars, second crusade against the Hussites: The Hussites drove away the crusaders besieging Žatec. 1836 - HMS Beagle (pictured) returns to England from a round-the-world voyage by Charles Darwin. 1926 - Polish Second Republic: The first government of Józef Piłsudski is appointed. 1996 - Flight Aeroperú 603 crashes into the Pacific Ocean shortly after takeoff, killing all 70 people on board. show · discussion · edit · history · track

October 3

1866 - The Peace of Vienna formally ends the Italian-Austrian War, Italy gains Veneto. 1926 - Radiojournal broadcasts the first direct commentary on a sporting event - the football match SK Slavia v. Hungaria. Josef Laufer commented on the match. 1926 - Ján Majko discovered the Domica cave (pictured). 1931 - The Turkish Central Bank is established. 1966 - Israel launches Chacerim Air Base. show · discussion · edit · history · track

October 4

1441 - Hussites: Jan Rokycana (pictured) convened a Hussite assembly in Kutná Hora to determine the binding points of the Kalisz religion. 1876 ​​- Begins first year at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, now known as Texas A&M University. 1936 - Dvořák's Symphony No. 1 (Zlonické zvony) premiered in Brno. 1991 - The Federal Assembly approves the so-called Grand Lustration Act. 2001 - The Ukrainian navy accidentally shot down a Siberia Airlines flight in 1812, killing all 78 people on board. show · discussion · edit · history · track

October 5

1921 - The International PEN Club is founded in London. 1951 - The first Mediterranean Games begin. 1961 - The American Oscar-winning film Breakfast at Tiffany's (poster in the picture) premiered. 1986 - The Sunday Times publishes information from Mordechai Vanunu that Israel has more than 100 nuclear warheads. 1991 - The first official version of the Linux operating system kernel is released. show · discussion · edit · history · track

October 6

1941 - Holocaust: Germans murder about 4,000 Jews in Kleck. 1946 - The 30th Junák Division from Moravian Ostrava established a scout mound in Ivančen (pictured). 1976 - The arrest of a gang of four ends the Chinese Cultural Revolution. 1981 - Egyptian President Anvar al-Sadat is assassinated during a military parade in Cairo. 2006 - The last section of the D5 motorway was put into operation. show · discussion · edit · history · track

October 7

1571 - Ottoman-Venetian War: The combined forces of the Holy League crush the Ottoman fleet at the Battle of Lepanto (pictured). 1996 - Fox News begins broadcasting. 2001 - Operation Enduring Freedom: In response to the Taliban's reluctance to extradite Osama bin Laden, the Americans launch an invasion of Afghanistan. 2006 - Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya is assassinated in Moscow. 2016 - The game Mafia III was released. show · discussion · edit · history · track

October 8

451 - The Council of Chalkedon begins, leading to the condemnation of monophysitism and the proclamation of the Chalkedonian Confession of Faith. 1821 - The Peruvian Navy is founded. 1871 - Z

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