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January 24, 2022

January 1

1772 - The London Credit Exchange Company issues the first traveller's checks. 1977 - Charter 77 is written. 1992 - Czechoslovak Television ceases to exist and Czech Television and Slovak Television are established. 2002 - The Czech radio station Radio Beat started broadcasting. 2002 - Euro: Euro banknotes and coins become valid. show · discussion · edit · history · track

January 2

1492 - Reconquista: With the surrender of Granada (pictured), the last Moorish estate on the Iberian Peninsula is destroyed. 1757 - Seven Years' War: The British conquer Calcutta. 1762 - A Czech and Austrian court office is established. 1942 - World War II: The Japanese 48th Division occupies the capital of the Philippines, Manila. Frederick Joubert Duquesne was sentenced in the United States to 18 years for espionage in favor of Germany. 1882 - John D. Rockefeller and several associates form the Standard Oil Trust, which controlled the American oil industry until 1911, when it was divided by a court order as an illegal monopoly. show · discussion · edit · history · track

January 3

1777 - American Revolutionary War: The Americans defeated the British at the Battle of Princeton. 1942 - World War II: Archibald Wavell is appointed commander-in-chief of ABDACOM. 1987 - Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 2002 - Israeli commando Shayetet 13 raids and occupies the cargo ship Karine A, which carried 50 tons of weapons for Palestinian terrorists (pictured). 2020 - The Americans carry out a successful assassination of Iranian General Qasim Suleimani in allied Iraq. show · discussion · edit · history · track

January 4

1762 - Seven Years' War: Great Britain declares war on Spain. 1947 - The first issue of Der Spiegel is published. 1987 - The hockey teams of Canada and the Soviet Union were eliminated from the World Junior Championships in Piešťany after a mass brawl. 1997 - The widowed Václav Havel married Dagmar Veškrnová. 2007 - Nancy Pelosi (pictured) becomes the first woman in the office of Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. show · discussion · edit · history · track

January 5

1762 - Russian Empress Elizabeth Petrovna dies, and her son Peter III ascends the throne, who in turn changed sides in the Seven Years' War, saving Prussia from defeat. 1912 - The Smetana Hall of the Municipal House in Prague was ceremoniously opened. 1942 - The Communist Polish Workers' Party is founded in occupied Poland. 1957 - President Eisenhower proclaims the Eisenhower Doctrine, which follows the Truman Doctrine and promises economic and military support to communist-threatened Middle Eastern countries. 1972 - President Nixon officially launches the Space Shuttle program. show · discussion · edit · history · track

January 6

1842 - First Anglo-Afghan War: The British begin a retreat from Kabul, which ends in the destruction of their army. 1852 - Pope Pius IX established the Commission for Archeology. 1912 - New Mexico becomes the 47th US state. 1912 - German naturalist Alfred Wegener introduces his theory of continental drift (in animation) to the public for the first time. 1992 - Georgian President Zviad Gamsachurdia is expelled from the country by a military coup after two weeks of fighting. show · discussion · edit · history · track

January 7

1782 - The Bank of North America begins operations in Philadelphia. 1902 - Empress Ch'-si (pictured) returns to Beijing after the defeat of the Boxing Rebellion. 1977 - Communist regime in Czechoslovakia: In an effort to prevent the spread of Charter 77, the StB detained Václav Havel, Ludvík Vaculík and Pavel Landovský. 1977 - The Chilean football club CD Cobreloa is founded. 1979 - Phnom Penh in Cambodia b

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