Wikipedia:Selected anniversaries of the day/August


August 14, 2022

August 1

0527 – Byzantine Emperor Justin I. died, his nephew and co-ruler Justinian I. became the sole ruler of the empire. 1832 – Regular horse-drawn railway service on the route České Budějovice – Linz was started. 1907 – The first Boy Scout camp was opened on Brownsea Island in southern England. 1912 – The eponymous cogwheel Jungfraubahn railway station was put into operation on the Jungfraujoch, still the highest railway station in Europe. 2007 – 13 people died and 50 were injured when the I-35W bridge suddenly collapsed in Minneapolis (pictured). show · discussion · edit · history · track

August 2

1777 – Maria Theresa had a new organizational code of education published for Hungary, Ratio educationis. 1922 – A typhoon hit the Shantou area, killing around 50,000 people. 1932 - Carl David Anderson (pictured) discovers the positron. 1982 – The Helsinki Metro was opened. 2002 – Policeman Ján Mato was murdered during an intervention against a deranged armed Russian attacker in the Muzeum metro station in Prague. show · discussion · edit · history · track

August 3

1342 – Reconquista: Alfonso XI. laid siege to Muslim-held Algeciras. 1492 – Christopher Columbus (pictured) set sail on his first expedition to discover the New World. 1852 - The Harvard-Yale regatta was held for the first time, the Harvard team winning. 1902 – CA Tigre football club was founded in Buenos Aires. 1972 – The United States Senate ratified the ABM Treaty. show · discussion · edit · history · track

August 4

1427 – Hussite Wars: At Tachov, the Third Crusade broke up without a fight before the Hussite army. 1782 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart married Constanze Weber. 1972 - Idi Amin announced the expulsion of Asians with British citizenship from Uganda. It was later extended to Asians from other countries as well. 1977 – The US Department of Energy was established. 2007 – The American probe Phoenix (pictured) started on its journey to Mars. show · discussion · edit · history · track

August 5

0642 - The combined forces of Mercia and Wales defeat the Northumbrian army at the Battle of Maserfield. King Oswald of Northumbria fell in battle and his kingdom fell apart. 1192 – Third Crusade: Richard the Lionheart defeats Saladin at the Battle of Jaffa (pictured). 1772 – On the basis of a treaty between Prussia, Russia and Austria, the first division of Poland took place. 1912 – The Diana cable car started operating in Karlovy Vary. 1947 – 19 people died and 18 were seriously injured when a train derailed in Sekule. show · discussion · edit · history · track

August 6

1272 – The Hungarian king Stephen V died, his son Ladislav IV became the new king. 1932 – The first year of the Venice Film Festival began in Venice. 1962 – Jamaica became an independent state. 2002 – Bohemia was hit by the first of two waves of heavy rain that resulted in a catastrophic flood in 2002. For Prague (pictured), it was the worst flood since 1845. 2012 – Mars Science Laboratory lands in Gale Crater on Mars. show · discussion · edit · history · track

August 7

1782 – American Revolutionary War: George Washington institutes the Badge of Military Merit, the predecessor of the Purple Heart. 1912 – Victor Franz Hess discovered cosmic rays during a measurement carried out in a balloon. 1942 – World War II: American landings begin the Battle of Guadalcanal. 1947 - Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Pacific Ocean after 101 days of sailing on a Kon-Tiki raft. 1962 - Frances Oldham Kelsey received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from JF Kennedy (pictured) for refusing to approve the thalidomide drug for the US despite strong pressure. at