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October 25, 2021

Of interest are short trailers for selected passwords, which regularly appear on the main page of Wikipedia in a special section in the form of questions "Do you know that?". Since the beginning of 2010, they change once a week.

Interesting facts of the 43rd week of 2021

E Did you know that…? … Is Sinosauropteryx (pictured) the first dinosaur to reconstruct coloration? … Norwegian drummer Faust murdered a gay man, for which he was sentenced to fourteen years in prison, but in the end he did not serve his sentence? Fund in the Gulf of Fundy on the North American coast, is the difference between high tide and low tide up to seventeen meters? Ab King Abdullah II of Jordan. starred in Star Trek: Voyager Spaceship?

Interesting Management Pages

Suggestions - suggestions of wikipedians, what might appear on the main page in the section "Interesting facts (You know that…)". If you want to give a trailer for a password, just write your suggestions here. Archive - an archive of attractions that have already been published on the Main Page Preparation - interesting things being prepared for the next dates: you can view the prepared articles, point out any errors or correct them, or improve the whole article before it is listed on the Main Page; the two nearest terms processed in graphic form are also listed on the To view subpage Decorations - wikivy honors awarded for the creation of attractionsOver Interest is the patronage of: OJJSee also the Article of the Week and Picture of the Week.

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