Wikipedia: Interesting facts / 2021


October 25, 2021

Here is a part of the Interesting facts archive containing Interesting facts published on the Main Page in 2021. Except for technical edits, it is not permissible to change the content of this page and its subpages.


… Is Sinosauropteryx (pictured) the first dinosaur to reconstruct coloration? … Norwegian drummer Faust murdered a gay man, for which he was sentenced to fourteen years in prison, but in the end he did not serve his sentence? Fund in the Gulf of Fundy on the North American coast, is the difference between high tide and low tide up to seventeen meters? Ab King Abdullah II of Jordan. starred in Star Trek: Voyager Spaceship?


… Basil II. Bulgaroktonos (pictured) was the longest reigning Roman emperor? … Florence Foster Jenkins gained a reputation as the worst opera singer in the world? … In the victorious battle of Bunker Hill (1775), the British suffered far greater losses than the defeated Americans, and at the same time their greatest casualties, of all the struggles of the American War of Independence? Ské The Australian city of Coober Pedy was built underground to protect against heat?


… USCGC Eagle (WIX-327) US Coast Guard training bar (pictured) was originally built as a training ship by German Kriegsmarine Horst Wessel, and was visited not only by US Presidents John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Harry Truman, but also by the German Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler? … Fighters from the territory of today's Bohemia also took part in the massive military conflict from the Bronze Age, the battle of the Tollense River? … Is Chasmaporthetes the only hyena to penetrate the American continent? … Thanks to biomedical research, Mirandola and its surroundings is called the Italian Silicon Valley?


… The genus Simocyon (pictured), whose closest living relative is the red panda, was a bomb-sized carnivore that could possibly crush bones? Has Hasan Nizámulmulk became the first known victim of the Assassins? … Is František Kupka the most commercially successful Czech painter? … A large Ethiopian rebirth dam has sparked international controversy over its impact on the water in the Nile?


… Is Vicente del Bosque (pictured) the first football coach to win the World Cup, European Championship, Champions League and Intercontinental Cup? … The first recorded tornado in the Czech Republic swept through Prague in 1119? … Composer Marguerite Monnot has performed since the age of four? … The fountain in the hall of Česká pojišťovna's headquarters in Spálená Street in Prague was inhabited for 64 years by a eel named Pepík?


… The film Kacudó šašin (video file) is considered to be the oldest Japanese animated work? Áv Did the Java Sultans use the foul-smelling secretion of Mydaus badgers to make perfumes? … Mexico's longtime downhill representative Hubertus von Hohenlohe is Karel Schwarzenberg's nephew? … The standardized kiosk K-67 was one of the successful export items of the former Yugoslavia?


… Josef Strachovský (pictured) created the oldest monument to K. H. Borovský in Bohemia? … Were the first German Shepherds colored white? The current standard paradoxically forbids this coloring. … Clippings of Childerich III. did they express that his royal power had been taken away from him? … The minaret of the Great Algerian Mosque measures a record 265 meters?


… The last known wolf (pictured) died on September 7, 1936, less than two months after the declaration of official legal protection of the species? … The Roman-Persian wars lasted about four hundred years? Se is the oldest European inn in Athlone, Ireland? … The viper cap produced in Strakonice became a symbol of the struggle for the independence of the Port

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