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October 25, 2021

Here you will find useful links to resources from which you can draw information, facts and data into Wikipedia articles.

Available online


Omniscience - A general minor encyclopedia, probably based on the Diderot encyclopedia. Dictionary of the Czech language - officially the Internet language manual of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


Databases (encyclopedias) published by Libri: Biographical dictionary of archivists of the Czech lands Calendar (connected with databases WHO WAS WHO in our history) WHO WAS WHO - Czech and Slovak Orientalists, Africanists and Ibero-Americanists WHO WAS WHO in our history until 1918 - database name: who18 WHO WAS WHO in our history in the 20th century - database name: who20 States and their representatives The most suitable format:énodatabáze/search.php?nameSurname+Name MS database. Legionnaires and the Fallen in World War II - Templates for {{Legionnaire}} and {{Fallen}} Dictionary of Czech Literature after 1945 - post-war writers, literary critics and theorists, literary magazines (template for links {{SČL}}) Archive of the National Theater - artists and staff of the Prague National Theater (template for links {{ND person}}) Czech Music Dictionary of Persons and Institutions (template for links {{ČHSOI}})


Databases (encyclopedias) published by Libri: History of the Czech Crown countries in dates Who are we named - Encyclopedia of first names States and their representatives Czech-Slovak film database - for entries about films, actors, etc. (templates for links {{Čsfd film}} and {{Čsfd person}}) Czech Music Dictionary of Persons and Institutions (template for links {{ČHSOI}}) Regionservis - basic statistical information on Czech municipalities; the exact link must be found BioLib - biological system of organisms and habitats, encyclopedia of biological terms, photo gallery Encyclopedia of the Slovak daily Sme, consisting of articles from the sections People and Events and Sports Milestones and Fates Information system abART - information about contemporary art Archive of journals of the Institute for Czech Literature of the ASCR


New encyclopedic dictionary of Czech online Czech spelling rules - internet language guide Czech language atlas Dictionary of the standard Czech language (English) Online Etymology Dictionary


Public administration portal - official current wording of Czech laws (citation according to the model: Act No. 1/2000 Coll., Title of the Act) Laws for people - unofficial current wording of Czech laws Collection of Laws and Collection of International Treaties on the website of the Ministry of the Interior Imperial Collection of Laws (Austria-Hungary, 1849 - 1918) Moravian Collection of Laws (1848 - 1919) Collections of Laws of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic (1918 - 2016, the year in the address must be rewritten to the required year)


Searched sources - on this page you can ask for a source or information about the article.

Printed sources

Catalogs of the National Library - search for works in the catalog of the National Library Dictionary of Standard Czech for School and the Public, ISBN 80-200-1080-7 Academic Dictionary of Foreign Words ISBN 80-200-0982-5 or New Academic Dictionary of Foreign Words AZ, ISBN 80-200-1415-2 Jiří Rejzek: Czech Etymological Dictionary, ISBN 80-85927-85-3 Geographical Topographical Dictionary of the World, ISBN 80-200-0445-9 Jan Hugo: Dictionary of Non-Written Czech, ISBN 80-7345-086-0 J. Šimandl, O. Mádr, J. Bartoň, J. Hlavsová: How to Treat Religious Expressions, ISBN 80-200-1193-5 Dictionary of Verbal, Substantive and Adjective Ties and Connections, ISBN 80-200-1310-5

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