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July 1, 2022

Zdeněk Velíšek (February 23, 1933 in Český Krumlov - June 18, 2022) was a Czech moderator, editor, reporter, editor, translator and interpreter. He was a member of the foreign editorial office of Czech Television and participated in the creation of the Horizon ČT24 program. He also collaborated with Czech Radio Plus - he contributed to the program Opinions and Arguments.


He graduated from the Děčín grammar school. He also studied philology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in 1951–1956 (Hispanic studies and Czech studies). During his studies, he met his future wife Olga Tysovská (* 1929), author of French textbooks and translator. Since 1962, he has worked for the International Organization for Radio and Television, the eastern counterpart of the European Broadcasting Union. In 1968, he received a job offer at Czechoslovak Television, which he accepted. He took part in television broadcasting at the time of the invasion of Czechoslovakia, and because of this he had to leave ČST in 1970 and made a living translating and interpreting. He returned to television after the Velvet Revolution in 1990. Zdeněk Velíšek has long commented on social and political events, both in the Czech Republic and in the world. He was mainly interested in what was happening in France, Spain or the EU in general. He spoke Spanish, French, etc. In 2015, he was awarded the French Order of Arts and Literature as a knight.

Publishing activity (selection)

Own work

VELISEK, Zdenek. The world week after week. 1st ed. Prague: Czech Television, 2006. 184 S. ISBN 80-85005-65-4. VELISEK, Zdenek. The world I want. 1st ed. Prague: Czech Television (ČT Edition), 2007. 232 S. ISBN 978-80-85005-93-6. (Appendix: The publication with the cover is of a smaller A5 format. It contains a preface, photographs; own attitudes, memories). VELISEK, Zdenek. The world is holding its breath. 1st ed. Prague: Czech Television, 2009. 232 S. ISBN 978-80-7404-027-6. VELISEK, Zdenek. Zdeněk Velíšek on Europe. 1st ed. European Media House s.r.o., 2015. 108 S. ISBN 978-80-905984-0-9. VELISEK, Zdenek. They up close, we under scrutiny: a testimony to migration and integration. 1st ed. In Prague: Grada, 2017. 232 S. ISBN 978-80-271-0661-5

Translations from French into Czech

Duverger, Maurice. Political parties (orig. Les partis politiques). 1st ed. Prague: Charles University in Prague: Karolinum, 2016. 492 S. Translation: Olga and Zdeněk Velíšek



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