Index in the web server directory


November 28, 2021

An index in a web server directory is in informatics a file of a certain name, which the web server considers to be the main one in the given directory. When a specific web page is listed in the web browser, but only the directory, the main page mentioned by the index file is sent to the user. Thanks to the index file, for example, when accessing the main page of a certain website, it is not necessary to state the name of the file (for example, is sufficient and is not required).


The typical name of the index file is index.html, but it may vary depending on the specific settings of the Web server. If the index file is not available and directory listing in the directory is not enabled, the web browser will receive an error message (typically with an HTTP status code of 403).

Typical index examples

index.html, index.htm - Hypertext Markup Language index.php - PHP language index.asp - Active Server Pages platform

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