October 17, 2021


Politics and world affairs


January: start of the new period of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 of the European Union January 1st: The Federal Office for Foreign Affairs is opened. January 1st: Guy Parmelin becomes President of Switzerland. January 5th: The federal-state conference decides to extend the lockdown against the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany that has been rampant since autumn until the end of January and to partially tighten the current restrictions. January 8th: Jessica Rosenthal becomes the new federal chairwoman of the Jusos. January 9th: The Austrian Federal Minister for Labor, Family and Youth Christine Aschbacher announces her resignation after allegations of plagiarism. January 16: The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet is elected as the new chairman at the digital party conference of the CDU. January 19: The Prime Minister's Conference and Chancellor Angela Merkel agree on a further extension of the lockdown until February 14, in some cases stricter restrictions are decided. On February 10th there will be another extension to March 7th. February 9th: Hundreds of drivers are stuck in their vehicles at -10 degrees for up to 16 hours after extreme snowfall on the Bundesautobahn 2 near Bielefeld. March 14: State elections in Rhineland-Palatinate and state elections in Baden-Württemberg. The previous government coalitions under Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD; Rhineland-Palatinate) and Winfried Kretschmann (Greens; Baden-Württemberg) will be re-elected by a majority. The local elections in Hesse take place on the same day. April 20: After a one-week open power struggle, Armin Laschet becomes candidate for chancellor of the Union for the federal election in 2021 through a vote of the CDU federal executive board and knocks out Markus Söder. On April 19, the Greens nominated Annalena Baerbock, their own candidate for chancellor, for the first time. June 6th: State election in Saxony-Anhalt. July 3rd: Cotton swabs, cutlery, plates, drinking straws, stirrers and balloon sticks made of plastic as well as to-go drink cups, fast food packaging and disposable food containers made of expanded polystyrene (known as Styrofoam) are no longer allowed in Germany. September 26: Federal Parliament election 2021, election to the Berlin House of Representatives, state election in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and local elections in Lower Saxony

Other countries


January 1st: Portugal will take over the EU presidency in the first half of 2021. January 1st: The UK leaves the EU: Great Britain is no longer part of the EU internal market and the customs union. The British overseas territory Gibraltar joins the Schengen area. January 4th: A London court decides that Julian Assange will not be extradited to the USA. January 13: The Italian government coalition of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte loses its majority after the withdrawal of coalition partner Italia Viva. January 13: The Rinascita-Scott trial against the mafia organization ’Ndrangheta begins in Lamezia Terme. January 13: Jüri Ratas resigns from his post as Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia. January 15: The Dutch cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, resigns over an affair over child benefits (Toeslagenaffaire). January 23: Protests in Russia in response to the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny result in thousands of arrests. February 14th: Lëvizja Vetëvendosje! under Albin Kurti wins the parliamentary elections in Kosovo. March 17th: Parliamentary election in the Netherlands. The previously ruling VVD under Prime Minister Mark Rutte will again be the strongest force. April 25: Parliamentary elections in Albania May 6th: Parliamentary elections in Scotland and Wales May 23: Ryanair flight 4978 is dropped by Bela shortly before entering Lithuanian airspace

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