AKA the court jester


January 27, 2022

Alias ​​the Jester is the name of a 1985 British children's animated television series of 13 episodes. It was produced by Cosgrove Hall Film Studios and first aired on 13 November 1985 on the ITV Network. In Germany, the series appeared in 1988 in the first and was then part of the children's program Fun on Tuesday until 1991. Alias ​​der Hofjester is about a good-natured extraterrestrial who lands on earth in the middle ages of the 15th century and pretends to be a court jester.

Series description

Alias ​​der Hofjester comprises 13 episodes, each 10 minutes long, the original English titles have been retained without translation. It is not exactly known why the series was so relatively short. Alias ​​the court jester largely parodies the famous Arthurian saga, including familiar dragon myths. But myths and legends from other peoples, such as the Vikings, are also taken up. The episode Amaranth and the Beast is a reference to the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.


It tells the story of Alias, who has strayed too far from his home planet Zogma and is now wandering the galaxy in his capsule-shaped spaceship. He is accompanied by his loyal and clever dog Boswell. One day he comes too close to the Earth's magnetic field, whereupon the drive, controls and radio fail and Alias ​​has to make an emergency landing on Earth. He discovers that he is in the middle ages of the 15th century and has landed in a kingdom called Houghton Bottoms. He meets the court magician Meredith, who immediately advises Alias ​​not to show himself to the residents in his original form. He shouldn't flaunt his supernatural powers either, because in the 15th century that kind of thing was considered witchcraft and would result in severe penalties. So Alias ​​disguises himself as a court jester. He introduces himself to the incumbent King Arthur and his wife Edith and actually finds a job at court. Alias ​​quickly befriends the clever princess Amaranth and the clumsy but snooty knight Sir Pinkly. Alias ​​goes to great lengths to hide his true identity. He notices how clueless and awkward King Arthur's subjects are and wants to help them. When several villains show up and threaten the kingdom with all sorts of intrigues, war machines and monsters, Alias ​​decides to intervene. He quickly changes into his original uniform, which grants him superpowers and the ability to fly, and braves the enemies. However, his exploits and adventures are regularly jeopardized by two specific weaknesses on Alias' part: first, he doesn't know what a joke is (which is detrimental to his charade as a court jester), and second, he overestimates the powers he needs to save what he can wanted to destroy himself (and it is not uncommon for the king's possessions to be destroyed). That's why he gets rid of the villains, but also regularly his job. His companion, the court wizard, is usually dismissed with him.


Alias ​​is the protagonist of the series and is an alien. He comes from a planet called Zogma. In his original form, he wears a bright red and gold skin-tight uniform heavily modeled after that of comic book hero The Flash. When wearing them, Alias ​​can fly and move and lift objects that a normal human could never carry. His disguise is a classic red and green checkered patchwork dress ("court jester costume") with a jester's cap. Boswell is Alias' faithful companion in the form of a small, light green puppy with a purple nose and golden wings instead of ears. Boswell is very smart and observant. His trademark is his language, which consists of cute squeaks and horns, but Alias's is always verse

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