Kongsberg attack


October 17, 2021

In the attack in Kongsberg in southern Norway on October 13, 2021, a man shot five people with a sports bow. Three other people were injured in the rampage. The alleged perpetrator was arrested around 45 minutes after the offense began.


In the small town of Kongsberg, about 70 kilometers southwest of the capital Oslo, an attacker shot people in a supermarket in the Vestsiden district on October 13, 2021 at 6:13 p.m. local time (CEST). According to police reports, he used a bow and arrow as well as other weapons. After the attack in and in front of the supermarket, the perpetrator fled. At 6:28 p.m., the police issued a warning to the people living in the area not to leave their homes. They are looking for the perpetrator in a relatively large area. The alleged perpetrator was arrested at 6:47 p.m. and taken to the detention center in the neighboring town of Drammen. The local police chief Øyvind Aas announced after the suspect was arrested that the police had initially assumed a lone perpetrator. The Norwegian police domestic secret service PST was involved in the investigation.


The attack killed five people between the ages of 52 and 78, four women and one man, including Andrea Haugen, a German national who has been living in Norway for a long time. Three other people were injured. One of the injured was a police officer who was not on duty at the time of the crime.

Alleged perpetrator

The suspect is the 37-year-old Danish citizen Espen Andersen B., who lived in Kongsberg. He was born in Norway and has lived there all his life. According to the police, he had converted to Islam. Immediately after his arrest, he was interrogated for three hours and provided extensive information about his crime. Police prosecutor Ann Irén Svane Mathiassen said he was a man who was known to the police and had been in contact with the Norwegian health service on several occasions. After further investigations the day after the crime, the police said they suspected a terrorist background. The alleged perpetrator was monitored by Norwegian security authorities in 2019 and 2020 on suspicion of Salafist radicalization. He also had multiple criminal records for break-ins, possession of cannabis, and threats against family members.

False reports

Shortly after the fact, messages circulated on Twitter in which the first and last name of the German YouTuber Drachenlord, who has nothing to do with the crime, was named as the alleged perpetrator, along with photos and videos that were supposed to show him archery, among other things. These false reports were apparently picked up unchecked by news sites in Norway, France, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Albania and Japan; When the false reports were recorded by the Italian news agency ANSA, the name, photos and videos of the alleged perpetrator also appeared on many websites in Italy, such as RAI, Il Sole 24 Ore, Corriere della Sera and Euronews Italia. The German YouTuber has been struggling with internet haters and cyber bullying for years. His real name was changed for the targeted false reports "Norwegian / Scandinavian-sounding". As early as 2016, he was presented as the alleged perpetrator of the attack in the Olympic shopping center in Munich through targeted false reports on Twitter, including in the news program on the Russian television station REN.

Individual evidence

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Individual evidence