Astra tower


November 30, 2021

The Astra tower, which was built in 1970 for Bavaria-St. Pauli Brewery was a high-rise building in Hamburg. The distinctive architecture was supposed to take up the shape of a pilstulpe. The building was demolished in 2005 when the old Bavaria site was redesigned to become the Neue Hafenkrone area. The DWI tower was built at this point by 2007, which takes up the basic shape of the previous building and is also known as the New Astra Tower.


The office tower was built on the old Bavaria site in 1969/1970 based on a design by the architects Carl Friedrich Fischer and Horst von Bassewitz, the headquarters and production site of Bavaria-St. Pauli Brewery was. It served as the administration building of the brewery, which brewed its Astra beer here, from which the tower's name is derived. The Astra logo was visible from afar on the building. In May 2001 a Hamburg investor group led by Wilhelm Bartels bought the Bavaria site including the high-rise. In 2003 the plant was closed. When the Bavaria site was redesigned, the tower was to be retained as the only building. The plan was to demolish the three lower floors; the column with the upper floors should remain and be included in the redesign of the area. One of the architects, Horst von Bassewitz, took legal action against the building changes because the architects wanted to change the look of a beer tulip, which violated the architects' copyright. The court dismissed the action because the "redesign is tantamount to demolition", which does not justify copyright. Concerns from structural engineers ultimately led to the complete demolition of the tower. The stability of the building, which protrudes far from the fifth floor, is no longer given due to the loads of the planned new buildings and a new building is more economical than securing the existing building by a slight constriction of the facade.


In the ZDF series Das Erbe der Guldenburgs, which was broadcast from 1987 to 1990, the office tower as the administration building of the Balbeck brewery, which competes with the protagonists, was a location that was often shown in the series.


Video of the demolition

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