Diocese of Hong Kong


May 17, 2022

The Diocese of Hong Kong (Latin: Dioecesis Sciiamchiamensis, Chinese 天主教香港教區) is a Roman Catholic diocese located in the People's Republic of China and includes the former crown colony of Hong Kong.


The diocese was founded on April 22, 1841 by Gregory XVI. established as Hong Kong Apostolic Prefecture from the Macau Diocese, raised to Hong Kong Apostolic Vicariate in 1874 before being raised to a diocese on April 11, 1946. Next to Macau, Hong Kong is the only diocese in China where the Catholic Church can operate freely; hence its bishop occupies a special position in the Chinese Church and is usually a cardinal.

Full Professors

Apostolic Prefects of Hong Kong

Theodore Joset, 1841-1842 Antonio Feliciani OFM, Pro-Prefect 1850–1855 Théodore-Augustin Forcade MEP, Pro-Prefect 1847–1850 Antonio Feliciani OFM, 1850-1855 Luigi Ambrose, 1855-1867 Giovanni Timoleone Raimondi PIME, 1868-1874

Vicars Apostolic of Hong Kong

Giovanni Timoleone Raimondi PIME, 1874-1894 Louis Piazzoli PIME, 1895-1904 Domenico Pozzoni PIME, 1905-1924 Enrico Pascal Valtorta PIME, 1926-1946

Bishops of Hong Kong

Enrico Pascal Valtorla PIME, 1946-1951 Lorenzo Bianchi PIME, 1951-1968 Francis Xavier Hsu Chen-Ping, 1969-1973 Peter Wang Kei Lei, 1973-1974 John Baptist Cardinal Wu Cheng-chung, 1974-2002 Joseph Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun SDB, 2002-2009 John Cardinal Tong Hon, 2009-2017 Michael Yeung Ming-cheung, 2017-2019 John Cardinal Tong Hon, since 2019 (Apostolic Administrator) Stephen Chow Sau-yan SJ, since 2021

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