Federal Horticultural Show 2025


July 5, 2022

The Federal Garden Show 2025 should take place in Rostock in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and there in the center of Rostock in the city harbor and on the opposite bank of the Warnow in Gehlsdorf and in the Osthafen. On June 22, 2022, the citizenry of the city of Rostock decided to cancel the Federal Horticultural Show 2025. It is the first cancellation in the 70-year history of the Federal Garden Show.


Originally, Wuppertal and the state capital Schwerin also applied to host the BUGA 2025. The Schwerin application failed due to a lack of financial commitments from the state government. In July 2018, the Wuppertal city council decided to withdraw the application for 2025 and to aim for another year. Lord Mayor Roland Methling submitted the official Rostock application at the end of July 2018; the city was awarded the contract at the end of August 2018.


With the BUGA, the so-called "Rostocker Oval" around the Unterwarnow at the city harbor in the city center, in Dierkow and in Gehlsdorf should be developed in terms of urban development. A Berlin planning office had developed a concept for the application and interviewed the citizens of Rostock several times. The BUGA was intended to trigger large investments in Rostock; it should be linked to the implementation of other major projects. Part of the planning included new buildings for the Volkstheater, which had long been the subject of debate, and for the Archaeological State Museum, both of which were to be located in the city harbour. A Warnow Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists is to connect the city harbor and the Gehlsdorfer Ufer north of the Warnow. The main traffic artery Am Strande, the busiest street in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which previously separates the city harbor from the northern old town, should be lowered and capped. A former landfill was to be developed in Dierkow, and a new city park was to be created in the east of Rostock. The construction of a market hall was also planned. On October 23, 2020, the majority of the Rostock citizenship decided on a concept in a leading decision. The party Die Linke and parts of the SPD voted against it because the Buga 2025 in Rostock was rated as hardly financeable, undemocratic, antisocial and unecological.

Costs and Financing

The costs for the garden show should amount to more than one hundred million euros, of which the costs for the Buga itself should make up only a small part. The larger part would be urban infrastructure projects, some of which are already planned - such as the new construction of the Volkstheater or the pedestrian bridge - or without which BUGA would hardly be financeable, such as the lowering and capping of the street Am Strande or the construction of the Archaeological State Museum Half of the required funds should come as federal funding. The state government of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had also pledged its financial support in principle.

Experiences with the International Horticultural Exhibition 2003

Rostock had already hosted the 2003 International Horticultural Exhibition. Fallow land in Schmarl was chosen as the location. These offered the planners the chance to upgrade the north-western prefab district. The construction and design of the IGA site took six years and cost 62 million euros, plus 32 million euros for the construction of the exhibition center. The financing was provided by the Hanseatic City of Rostock and the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as well as the federal government. The event attracted 2.6 million visitors. The deficit of the IGA was finally 20 million euros. The subsequent use of the site was criticized: the peripheral location and the poor transport connections turned out to be problematic, the visit to the IGA Park was only possible for an entrance fee until 2019, the exhibition hall does not show any cost-covering further use.

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