Christine Laszar


November 30, 2021

Christine Laszar, née Laszarus, (born December 19, 1931 in Ortelsburg; † November 17, 2021 in Berlin) was a German actress who mainly worked on stage and in film in the GDR.

private life

Christine Laszar was first married to the actor and director Rudolf Schündler in the 1950s. Their daughter Katrin Schündler, who came from the marriage, later worked as an editor and presenter for the DFF. In 1958 she married the German journalist Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler. The marriage ended in divorce in 1962 after four years. Laszar moved to Nykøbing Mors in Denmark in 1993, but returned to Rostock due to health problems - her eyesight deteriorated increasingly. She died on November 17, 2021 after a long illness at the age of 89. Most recently she lived in Berlin.


Laszar graduated from the West Berlin Max Reinhardt School for Drama and began her theater career at the Renaissance Theater. She performed at the cabaret The Porcupines and at the Munich Schaubude. In the GDR she made a guest appearance at the Volksbühne Berlin. At the “Theater der Zeit” in Munich's Goethesaal, Laszar played the general lover Fressy in Rolf Honold's play Geschwader Fledermaus, directed against the Indochina War. Director Erich Engel gave her the same role in 1957, as well as the female lead in his DEFA film of the same name. She then got a permanent position at DEFA and moved to the GDR in 1958. She embodied cool, intelligent women in crime films and political thrillers. Initially seen in sympathetic roles, from 1963 she was regularly cast as a dangerous criminal, among others. 1964 as Mrs. Sievers in Pension Boulanka. In 1966, Wolfgang Carlé commented in the book Actors from Theater, Film and Television: "Let's hope that we will soon see Christine Laszar in a role that opens up new variations of her skills." Laszar, meanwhile city councilor of Teltow, made guest appearances at the Volksbühne and appeared in television series. At the beginning of the 1970s she became a television editor for German television broadcasting, among other things she worked on artist portraits. In 1969 and 1973 she was featured in the multi-part television programs Krupp and Krause as well as Eva and Adam. She last stood in 1979 for the film comedy Alma creates all in a supporting role as a receptionist in front of the camera. Seriously ill, Laszar withdrew into private life in the 1980s.



1962: Konstantin Simonow: The Fourth - Director: Lothar Bellag (Volksbühne Berlin - Theater on the 3rd floor)


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