Evelyn Hamann


August 19, 2022

Evelyn Hamann, real Eveline Braun, née Hamann (* August 6, 1942 in Hamburg, † October 28, 2007 in Hamburg), was a German actress and voice actress. She became known in particular as a sketch partner of the comedian Loriot.

Life and work

Education and commitments

Evelyn Hamann graduated from the Bondenwald Gymnasium in Hamburg in 1962. She played the piano and earned some pocket money as a jazz pianist. Hamann took on smaller roles at the Thalia Theater while she was still studying acting at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Hamburg, including with Eduard Marks. In 1968 she received her first engagement at the Junges Theater in Göttingen. In 1971 she went to the Municipal Theater in Heidelberg, where she played alongside Jürgen Prochnow, among others. After two years she returned to northern Germany and became a member of the ensemble at the Theater Bremen. There she gave a few big roles until 1979, such as Marthe Schwerdtlein in Goethe's Urfaust and the old woman in Ionesco's Die Stuhle. She also worked as a voice actress.

Cooperation with Loriot

The Radio Bremen head of entertainment, Jürgen Breest, discovered Evelyn Hamann at the Bremen theater when Radio Bremen was looking for an actress for the Loriot productions. Loriot was actually looking for “a blond, chubby housewife” for his sketch series and said to Hamann after she had played for him: "Dear Ms. Hamann, if you eat pork knuckle every day for several weeks at our expense, do you think you will get fatter?" But Hamann, who was gaunt and brunette, convinced him so much that he decided on her anyway: "Okay, then don't be chubby." From 1976 she became known to a larger audience as Loriot's partner in numerous sketches. With an impassive face and dry Hanseatic humor, she wrote television history, e.g. B. as Miss Dinkel in a love clinch with her stiff boss, in the sketch Die Noodle as Hildegard when she meets a vain admirer who has a noodle stuck to her face ("Please don't say anything now, Hildegard"), or as a woman Hoppenstedt in the Cossack corner and with the yodel diploma ("I'll have something in my hand when the children are out of the house - I'll have something of my own"). English Announcement, one of her most popular sketches, featured her as a television announcer who wants to present the British crime series The Two Cousins ​​and almost suffers a nervous breakdown because of the demanding articulation of the many th-sounds in the English place and person names. Hamann played the female lead in the 1988 and 1991 Loriot films Oedipussi and Pappa ante portas. She herself said of the collaboration that she learned from Loriot that attention to detail that is essential for real comedy: Loriot said goodbye to his deceased partner Evelyn Hamann on the Beckmann show on October 29, 2007 with the words: Addressing Hamann himself, he added:

Later roles

In the 1980s she played, among other things, the role of the housekeeper Carsta Michaelis in the series The Black Forest Clinic. She later became a regular in the role of Thea on the weekly doctor series The Country Doctor. From 1993 to 2005, the television series Evelyn Hamann's Stories from Life starred her. From 1993 she played - alongside Heinz Baumann, Tilo Prückner, Gisela May, Gerhard Garbers (who has often impersonated her [marriage] partner since acting school days) and others - the title role in the successful NDR television series Adelheid and her murderers, from the six seasons (with a total of 65 episodes) were filmed. In 1999 she took on a travesty role in Claus-Michael Rohne's comedy of mistaken identity Wut im Bauch.

Readings and radio plays

Hamann has also through literature readings and Hö