Felix Kolmer


August 19, 2022

Felix Kolmer (born May 3, 1922 in Prague; died there August 5, 2022) was a Czech physicist and Holocaust survivor.


Kolmer's father, an electrical engineering merchant in Prague and a member of the Czechoslovak legions in Italy during the First World War, died in 1932, Kolmer's mother died in 1941 as a prisoner in the Theresienstadt ghetto. The destruction of Czechoslovakia by the German Reich in March 1939 brought a turning point in Kolmer's life. The Kolmers lost their apartment and had to move in with their grandmother. In June 1940 he graduated from high school, after which he was forbidden to study as a Jew. He found an apprenticeship as a carpenter. In 1941 he was conscripted into the construction squad that was to set up the ghetto in Theresienstadt. He became a member of a resistance organization among the prisoners. In October 1944 he was deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. He experienced his liberation in the Friedland concentration camp, a satellite camp of the Groß-Rosen concentration camp. After the war, Kolmer studied physics and received his doctorate in the field of acoustics. From 1949 he was an employee and later director of the Institute for Experimental Acoustics, Optics and Printing Technology, where he published or co-authored 200 journal articles and essays. He was also employed as an assistant and lecturer at the Technical University of Prague and was a member of various international acoustic societies. Kolmer was involved in reparation issues for Holocaust survivors in Czechoslovakia. He was u. a. Chairman of the Federal Association for Information and Counseling for People Persecuted by the Nazis V., Deputy Chairman of the Jewish Community in Prague and Vice President of the International Auschwitz Committee.


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