Grammy Awards


November 30, 2021

The Grammy Awards (Grammys for short; spelling "GRAMMY Awards") are music prizes that have been presented annually by the Recording Academy in Los Angeles since 1959 in currently 84 categories to artists such as singers, composers, musicians as well as production managers and sound engineering. The 62nd Grammy Awards took place on January 26, 2020. The award is considered to be the highest international award for artists and recording teams. Its importance is comparable to the Oscar in the film industry. The corresponding trophy is a gramophone sculpture with a shiny gold design. Publications from October of the year before last up to and including September of the previous year are eligible for an award. So if an album was released in October 2002, for example, it could not receive the Grammy in 2003, but only in 2004. In each category, five candidates are nominated by a jury; in the event of a tie, more or fewer candidates can result. The nomination lists will be published in January. The final winners will not be announced until the official award ceremony in early February.

Submission process and selection of nominees

All media companies that are registered with the Recording Academy can submit recordings, as well as individual artists and other professionals working in the music industry who meet certain criteria. Submissions are made online, and a physical copy (usually a CD) must also be sent to NARAS. Once a recording is submitted, review sessions are held, attended by more than 150 music industry experts, to determine if the work was submitted in the correct category. The resulting lists of eligible entries are distributed to the voting members, each of whom can vote for nomination in the general areas (recording of the year, album of the year, song of the year and best new artist), but no more than 9 fields of the total of 30 on his or her voting slip. The five recordings that receive the most votes in each category will be nominated. For some special categories, however, there are separate evaluation committees that determine the final five nominees. While Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members who award the Oscars are typically invited to screenings or receive DVDs of the Oscar-nominated films, NARAS members do not receive nominated recordings. Instead, they get access to private online listening.

Final vote

After the nominations have been completed, the voting slips for the final election of the winners will be sent to the voting members of NARAS, who are then again not allowed to tick more than 9 of the 30 boxes in the general areas. The members are asked to vote only in their respective areas of expertise. The vote is secret and is monitored by the independent auditing company Deloitte. After the votes have been counted, the Grammy Awards winners will be announced. The entry with the most votes in a category wins, those who do not receive a medal for their nomination. In both selection rounds, Academy members are only allowed to vote on the basis of quality criteria. You must not allow yourself to be influenced by sales figures, chart successes, personal friendships, regional preferences or loyalty to a particular company. The acceptance of gifts is prohibited. Members are asked to vote in such a way that the integrity of the Academy and its membership community is preserved. The registered media companies can submit contributions, may

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