November 30, 2021

Hellbent is an American horror film directed by Paul Etheredge-Ouzts in 2004. It is a slasher film in which the characters are gay; He is therefore considered to be the “first gay slasher” and the founder of a wave of other such films.


On the night before Halloween, the couple Mikey and George, just as they are about to undress to have sex in a clearing in the forest, are suddenly beheaded with a sickle by a bare-chested killer wearing a devil's mask. The following day, Eddie, a desk policeman in West Hollywood, is supposed to be handing out flyers about the murders, wearing his father's police uniform as a costume, and meets the attractive Jake, who drives a motorcycle, at a tattoo shop. Eddie drives to the scene with his roommates and friends, the bisexual promiscuous Chaz, the athletic underwear model Tobey, who wears drag this time, and the shy, younger Joey, who wears a leather harness. When the killer shows up, they mistake him for a cruiser and make fun of him until he disappears. They call him "Devil Daddy". They visit a club at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, where she meets the man in the devil mask and Eddie Jake again. Eddie is interested when Eddie tells the police that he injured his eye during shooting training and wants to see him at a carnival shooting range, where they are going with Tobey. At Chaz’s encouragement, Joey gives his crush his phone number, but is disparaged by their friends. Chaz takes him comfortingly into an empty bathroom and then follows a man. Alone, Joey is first surprised by his crush Jared, who gives him his number, then by the murderer, who takes the severed head with him and leaves the corpse behind. On an outdoor stage, Chaz, who previously took ecstasy, dances while intoxicated so that he doesn't realize the killer is stabbing him in the stomach. When he beheads, the crowd continues to dance cheering. While Eddie and Jake are having fun, Tobey is frustrated that no one turns him on in drag and runs after the man in the devil's mask. He initially ignores him as he leaves, but turns around when Tobey takes off his wig and jewelry and shows his manly chest, and kills him. Tobey also left him his driver's license with the group's common address. When Eddie and Jake return to the first club to get his motorcycle, the place is guarded by police officers after Joey's body is discovered, so they secretly climb over the chain link fence. When Jake is back outside with the motorcycle, but Eddie is still inside the fenced-in area, the killer suddenly stands next to him and chases him across the area. Just as he hits Eddie's glass eye with the sickle blade, Jake and a policeman arrive, whereupon the killer flees. After they were at the police station, where Eddie tells Jake about the glass eye, they drive to Eddie's home. During foreplay, Jake handcuffs Eddie to the bed with police uniforms. While Jake is looking for condoms in the bathroom, the killer appears and stabs him; the killer also approaches Eddie, but is hit from behind by Jake with a baseball bat. Eddie then manages to free his hands and, after tending to Jake's wound, dials 911 on the phone, but the killer can still cut the line. In the kitchen Eddie fetches a knife and hits the heads of his dead friends; in the bedroom he locks himself up with Jake, whom he takes to the escape stairs, and takes his father's gun. The murderer breaks open the door and pushes Eddie through the window and, after he takes out his glass eye with his tongue, down the escape stairs, where he gets caught with the handcuffs. While the killer arrested Jake

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