James Bond 007 - The Spy Who Loved Me


August 19, 2022

The Spy Who Loved Me is the tenth film in the James Bond series, directed by Lewis Gilbert in 1976 and 1977. The film had its world premiere on July 7, 1977 in London and premiered in Germany on August 26, 1977.


After the mysterious disappearance of a British nuclear submarine on the high seas, MI6 hires James Bond to solve the case. The Soviets, who lost a nuclear submarine in the same way, use their agent Major Anya Amasova (alias Triple X). After shooting the leader of the attackers in a ski chase in Austria, Bond travels to Cairo, where plans for a secret submarine tracking system are offered on the black market. His college friend Sheikh Hosein puts Bond on the trail of Aziz Fekkesh, but the agent has to watch as Fekkesh is killed by the Walker, a giant steel-jawed killer, at the Pyramids of Giza. Here Bond meets Anya and courts Max Kalba with her to acquire the plans that are on a microfilm in his possession. Before the deal is complete, the walker reappears, kills Kalba, and steals the microfilm. Bond and Anya take up the pursuit and are able to snatch the film away from him in a temple complex. After Bond is incapacitated by Anya with tranquilizer gas, he reunites with her at MI6's Egyptian field office with her boss, General Gogol. Here his superior M reveals to him that their two governments want to work together to solve the case. A trace on the microfilm leads to the shipowner and marine biologist Karl Stromberg, who owns a marine research laboratory near Sardinia. On the way to Italy, Bond and Anya are attacked by the walker again on the train. However, Bond manages to throw him out of the window and spends the night with Anya in her compartment. Disguised as a marine explorer and his wife, they visit Stromberg in his underwater station Atlantis. Biter identifies them as agents and Stromberg orders them eliminated. On the way back in the Lotus Esprit that Q gave Bond to Bond, they are chased by the walker and some of Stromberg's people, but are able to shake them off. Fleeing the onboard weapons of a helicopter piloted by Stromberg's assistant Naomi, Bond drives the Lotus into the sea, turns it into a submarine with the push of a button and shoots down the helicopter with a missile. Underwater at Stromberg's station, they discover that he is the mastermind behind the submarine hijackings. They are attacked by its divers, but manage to defend themselves and flee. Stromberg arranged the murders of Fekkesh and Kalba and also liquidated his treacherous secretary and the two inventors of the tracking system as accomplices. Back at the hotel, Anya finds out that Bond shot her lover while skiing in Austria and vows to kill Bond after completing the job. The stolen submarines are inside Stromberg's supertanker Liparus, which Bond and Anya are chasing in Captain Carter's US submarine. Here your submarine is also "swallowed" by the Liparus and the crew is captured. Stromberg's plan is to create a new civilization underwater. The stolen submarines are designed to launch nuclear missiles at New York and Moscow, provoking a global nuclear war that will wipe out what he sees as a decadent civilization. With Anya as a prisoner, Stromberg makes off towards his Atlantis station. Bond is able to free himself and the other U-boat crews and, after a heavy battle against Stromberg's troops, with their help blast open the command bunker of the Liparus with a warhead removed from a nuclear missile. He lets Carter take the Sta