Qatari national football team


October 17, 2021

The Qatari national football team is the selection team of the Qatar Football Association from the Gulf state of Qatar. Her biggest success so far is winning the 2019 Asian Cup.


The Qataris played their first international match on March 27, 1970 during the Golf Cup tournament against Bahrain; that game ended in a 2-1 defeat for Qatar. Mubarak Faraj scored the country's first international goal during that game. Qatar first took part in qualifying for the World Cup in 1977, when Kuwait proved to be too strong an opponent - the Qatarians could only win one game against Bahrain. In 1982 Qatar failed in Saudi Arabia and in 1986 in Iraq. During the qualification for the World Cup in 1990, the team survived the first round of qualification for the first time, but was eliminated after a defeat against North Korea. In 1998 and 2002 the second round was also reached, but the teams of Saudi Arabia and China proved to be too strong opponents. During qualifying for the 2006 World Cup, Qatar was third behind Iran and Jordan and eliminated. As part of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, Qatar met Australia, Iraq and China in the first round. In this group, the team was able to secure second place behind Australia, but ahead of Asian champions Iraq and China, and thus qualify for the final round. There they met again on Australia as well as on Japan, Bahrain and Uzbekistan, but retired early in the group as fourth. Qatar ranks 58th in the FIFA World Ranking. (As of February 2021) The first participation in the qualification for the soccer Asian Cup took place in 1976, at that time however Qatar was third in the group and was eliminated. They took part in the finals four years later, between 1980 and 2007 Qatar took part every time with the exception of 1996 (where they failed in qualifying against Syria), but were mostly eliminated in the preliminary round. In 2000 they reached the quarter-finals as one of the two best thirds in the group. At the Asian Cup in 2011 in their own country, Qatar reached second place in the table in the preliminary round and qualified for the quarter-finals, where they were defeated by the eventual winners Japan. At the 2019 Asian Football Championship in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar won the tournament after beating Japan 3-1 in the final. Qatar took part as a visiting team at the Copa America 2019. Qatar will also take part as a visiting team at the Copa America 2020. In 1984 and 1992, the Qatari selection qualified for the Olympic Games. In 1992 they reached the quarter-finals, but failed there because of the later finalists Poland. Qatar won the golf cup in its own country for the first time in 1992 and ended the Iraqi-Kuwaiti dominance of the tournament. In 2004 the team repeated this success when they again won the cup in their own country. In 2014, Qatar won the Golf Cup for the third time, this time the competition was held in Saudi Arabia. The country's U-20 team took part in the Junior World Cup in 1981 and, after defeating Brazil and England, reached the final, which was lost 4-0 to the German team.

Participation in Olympic Games

After 1988 senior national teams no longer took part in the Olympic Games. The Olympic team qualified in 1992 and was eliminated there in the quarter-finals against the eventual silver medalist Poland.

Participation of Qatar in the soccer world championships

1930 to 1974: did not participate 1978 to 2018: not qualified 2022: qualified to host

Participation of Qatar in the Asian Football Championships

1956 to 1972: Did not take part 1976: Not qualified 1980: preliminary round 1984: preliminary round 1988: preliminary round 1992: preliminary round 1996: Not qualified

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