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November 30, 2021

Melanie Janene Thornton (born May 13, 1967 in Charleston, South Carolina; † November 24, 2001 near Bassersdorf, Switzerland) was an American pop, R&B and dance singer. She was best known for the successful Eurodance project La Bouche.


Thornton grew up in Charleston and Mount Pleasant in the US state of South Carolina. Even as a little girl she dreamed of one day standing and singing on the stages of the world in front of a large audience. Inspired by artists like Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, the Temptations and the sound of the Motown label, she started singing in front of the mirror at home at the age of six. She began taking singing lessons at the age of eleven. During her college days, she financed this through jobs in cover bands. At times she was on the stage of blues and jazz bars and other clubs around four times a week. She worked in this way for two and a half years before she came to Kaiserslautern at the request of her sister. At that time, Germany offered good opportunities for entry into the emerging dancefloor and eurodance music business. Bob Chisolm, an uncle of her brother-in-law, had contacts with German producers and musicians. These helped her to get by with vocal recordings for other bands (including Groovin ’Affairs and Schnapka) and projects. In 1993 she recorded the song Sweet Dreams with producers Amir Saraf and Ulli Brenner. What would become one of La Bouche's greatest hits caught the attention of Frank Farian. With the BMG label in the back, things went quickly: starting with Italy, the single climbed to the top of the charts in Europe. In their US homeland, the duo landed in the top five of the charts. La Bouche were also very successful in Japan, South America, Canada and Australia. The duo's initial success continued for some time, but then gradually faded. In order to start a solo project, Thornton ended the contract with BMG in February 2000 and was signed with the Sony subsidiary X-cell Records. She made a first impression with the single Love How You Love Me. The ballad was quite successful, but had little in common with her La Bouche time. Appearances on many television shows brought her face back into the spotlight. A Christmas commercial for Coca-Cola became her song Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming).


On November 24, 2001, Melanie Thornton died in a plane crash at the age of 34. Coming from a concert in Leipzig, she was on her way to Zurich to give a live performance in Langenthal as part of a promotion. During the landing approach of its flight from Berlin-Tegel to Zurich, the machine crashed in a forest near Bassersdorf in the canton of Zurich. 24 people died, including two of her dancers, her tour manager and tour technician, and two members of the pop group Passion Fruit. Melanie Thornton is buried in Mount Pleasant Memorial Gardens in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.



Ready to Fly (May 7, 2001) Ready to Fly New Edition (November 26, 2001) Best of La Bouche feat. Melanie Thornton (May 21, 2002) Memories - Her Most Beautiful Ballads (December 1, 2003)


Love How You Love Me (November 6, 2000) Memories {2001}, source: Kuschelrock 16, CD 2, No. 8 and the official Swiss hit parade Heartbeat (April 9, 2001) Makin ’Oooh Oooh (Talking About Love) (September 3, 2001) Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) (November 26, 2001, with video since November 24, 2003, as Pock It since November 15, 2004) (2006 DE: # 24) In Your Life (La Bouche feat. Melanie Thornton) (November 25, 2002)

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