Koblenz Higher Regional Court


January 19, 2022

The Koblenz Higher Regional Court (OLG Koblenz) is one of two Higher Regional Courts (OLG) in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Together with the Palatinate Higher Regional Court of Zweibrücken, it forms the top of the ordinary jurisdiction of this federal state.

Jurisdiction and Jurisdiction

The Higher Regional Court is based in Koblenz. The judicial district is located in the northern part of Rhineland-Palatinate and includes the regional court districts of Bad Kreuznach, Koblenz, Mainz and Trier. In the district of the Koblenz Higher Regional Court, 3,302 lawyers and in-house lawyers are admitted (as of January 1, 2018). The Senate for state security matters formed at the Koblenz Higher Regional Court is responsible for all cases from Rhineland-Palatinate, based on a state treaty with Saarland, for state security matters in Saarland Restrictions on competition and those of the Senate for Building Land Matters also extend to the district of the Palatinate Higher Regional Court in Zweibrücken.


The Higher Regional Court of Koblenz was founded in 1946. It had no immediate predecessor, but was built as a result of the division of the former Prussian Rhine province into a British and a French occupied part. With this division, the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, located in the British occupation zone, lost its jurisdiction over the northern part of what is now Rhineland-Palatinate. A new higher regional court was established in Koblenz for this area and for the administrative districts of Montabaur and Rheinhessen. In the coalition negotiations after the 2011 state elections, the SPD and the Greens decided to close the Koblenz Higher Regional Court. The Higher Regional Court should be merged with the Higher Regional Court of Zweibrücken, and the seat should then be in Zweibrücken. The merger should lead to savings in rental costs and 14 jobs. The plans for the closure led to protests. On May 19, 2011, around 3,000 people demonstrated against the state government's plans and a collection of signatures led to 50,000 signatures by August 25, 2011. The plans were then not pursued any further. Thomas Henrichs has been the President of the Koblenz Higher Regional Court since August 1, 2020. He succeeds Marliese Dicke, who retired on July 31, 2020. Marliese Dicke was the first woman to hold the office of President of the Higher Regional Court of Koblenz.


The Koblenz Higher Regional Court is housed in the (opposite) property at Government Street 7, part of the former Prussian government building, and Stresemann Street 1, part of the former Higher Presidium of the Rhine Province, on the banks of the Rhine in Koblenz. Both buildings were not originally built between 1902 and 1910 as a courthouse, but as official buildings for the Prussian state administration in the Rhine province. The building at Stresemannstraße 1 was badly damaged by bombing during the Second World War and was rebuilt from 1947 (exterior largely true to the original). It was built in neo-baroque style as a service villa for the Upper President of the Rhine Province. The railings for the main staircase and the main door are the work of the workshop of the Godesberg blacksmith Georg Gernhard (1860-1943). From 1920 to 1929 the building was the official residence of the High Commissioner of the Inter-Allied High Commission for the Rhineland (Haut Commissaire dans les Provinces du Rhin) Paul Tirard. The building at Government Street 7, on the other hand, suffered no serious war damage. In particular, the representative hall building, which is used today as a courtroom for court hearings, was preserved. The neo-Romanesque building was the official villa for the regional president

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