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October 18, 2021

The spoken Wikipedia is a project in which Wikipedia articles are made available for listening. In total, around 1,268 articles have already been made available by users in this project. Alternatively, articles in German and many other languages ​​can be read out by a computer voice from the Pediaphon (on pediaphon.org). A tabular, sortable listing of all articles can be found here. The spoken Wikipedia welcomes volunteers who want to make a spoken contribution. For everyone who would like to find out more and participate, there is a comprehensive overview here.

New spoken articles

Titan (moon)

Titan (also Saturn VI) is the largest moon on the planet Saturn with a diameter of 5150 kilometers, which is why it was named after the Titan family. It is an ice moon, the second largest moon in the solar system after Ganymede and the only one with a dense gas envelope.

Guano Islands Act

The Guano Islands Act was passed by the United States Congress on August 18, 1856. This still valid federal law states that an uninhabited and unclaimed island, on which there is a certain type of degradable bird droppings (guano), belongs to the national territory of the United States if it is discovered and taken possession of by a US citizen will.

Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster (also Westminster Palace), German Westminsterpalast, is the seat of the British Parliament in London, which consists of the House of Commons (lower house) and the House of Lords (upper house). The monumental building complex, built between 1840 and 1870 mainly in the neo-Gothic style, is also known as the Houses of Parliament or New Houses of Parliament.

Barberini Palace

The Barberini Palace, more recently also called Palais Barberini, was a classicist-Baroque town house at Humboldtstrasse 5/6 in Potsdam, built under the Prussian King Friedrich II according to plans by Carl von Gontard from 1771 to 1772. Its main facade faces the Alter Markt with the Potsdam City Palace and the Nikolaikirche.

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