Web NDL Authorities


August 13, 2022

Web NDL Authorities is an authority file of the National Parliamentary Library (NDL) of Japan. The English name of the file is also used in Japanese texts. The file includes persons, surnames, corporate bodies, place names and uniform titles.


The National Diet Library Subject Headings (NDLSH) classification system, which has been in use since 1964, was converted from printed media to a database in 2004 and was renewed and expanded in the process. Initially, the file was made available online as a text and PDF file. On June 30, 2010, it was then published as a WWW offering under the name Web NDLSH. For persons, the NDL published the authority file JAPAN/MARC(A) from 1997, which was based on the national bibliography JAPAN/MARC. In January 2012, the Web NDL Authorities were published, which combine the NDLSH and the personal authority file and make them searchable together on the WWW.


Oshiba Tadahiko: A service of the National Diet Library, Japan, to the semantic web community. (PDF; 209 kB) 2011

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Web NDL Authorities search form (Japanese) Information about the Web NDL Authorities (Japanese) NDLSH download options and terms of use (Japanese), including: NDLSH in RDF/XML format (ZIP; 3.7 MB) NDLSH in tabbed text format (ZIP; 2.3 MB)