October 17, 2021

The 16th miniature competition of the German language Wikipedia will take place between September and October 2021. The aim is to submit newly written “small” articles (upper limit 15,000 bytes) and let the audience vote for them. The competition sees itself as a little brother to Wikipedia, which takes place at the same time: Writing competition (articles can also be nominated in both competitions at the same time).


The miniatures competition is the result of numerous discussions about the writing competition and elsewhere on Wikipedia. It became clear that we were missing an important event: A miniature competition as the little brother of the writing competition, with few rules and a lot of fun. For this reason, a first attempt at a miniature competition was started in 2011, further rounds took place in 2013 and 2014. In 2015 it was held for the first time in parallel and in addition to the writing competition and was also held in spring 2016, autumn 2016, spring 2017, autumn 2017, spring 2018, autumn 2018, spring 2019, autumn 2019, spring 2020, autumn 2020 and spring 2021 Form carried out - it should also be permeable: miniatures can run here as well as in the writing competition ... and of course win. A short statistical overview is available here.


From September 1 to 30, 2021, newly written “miniatures” or fundamentally revised “miniatures” (small articles up to an upper limit of 15,000 bytes, larger ones will be disqualified) on all topics can be nominated for the competition. "Newly written" here means that the submitted article was created within the current nomination period or moved to the article namespace. "Basically revised" means that the article was already available before, but was massively expanded or largely rewritten as part of the competition. The author should have added at least 75% of the text of the revised article during this revision during the competition period. Everyone can submit as many nominations as they want. A review of the articles during the competition is not excluded; a potential candidacy for an article worth reading or an excellent article should only take place for articles that are not also candidates for Wikipedia: writing competition. There is no jury, the articles are rated by all interested parties - each registered user with voting rights can assign up to five votes to the miniatures that he likes best. The evaluation will take place from October 1st; given votes can be redistributed continuously. The period for voting and evaluating the votes ends with the announcement of the winners of the writing competition. Yo - that's it, there are no more rules. If you want to participate, simply enter your articles in the table. If you also want to run for the writing competition, you can make that clear here. Of course, judges from the writing competition can also take part in the miniatures competition, but the corresponding articles cannot be nominated for the writing competition.

nominated articles

Here you can list your finished / presentable miniatures and vote for the articles from October 1st:


Let's see if we can get a few prizes together - the winners can then choose something in the order of their placements: Wikimedia Germany offers book vouchers for five participants. To receive the vouchers, please contact 1 book voucher at € 40 1 book voucher at € 35 1 book voucher at € 30 1 book voucher at € 25 1 book voucher at € 20 Small souvenir package for the three who died in September 2020

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