Wikipedia: Writing competition


October 17, 2021

The 35th writing competition of the German language Wikipedia took place in September 2021. As always, the idea remains to select articles from a series of submitted suggestions in a "playful" way and thus continue one of Wikipedia's most successful authors' initiatives. The writing competition, which was judged by an eight-person jury in the last few editions, serves solely to satisfy the fun factor, which is unfortunately lost from time to time in many quarrels, edit wars and other everyday adversities in Wikipedia. Incidentally, the writing competition should of course also create some new "excellent" and "articles worth reading". Attention: At the same time as the writing competition, there is again a miniature competition with its own rules to motivate authors who prefer to concentrate on smaller pearls. Articles can be nominated in either one or in parallel in both competitions.


In October 2004, the first writing competition took place on the German-language Wikipedia, and it was very popular. Based on an opinion, it was decided to hold further competitions every six months. The second writing contest began on March 1st, 2005. This second round was announced for the first time on an international level (see meta: International writing contest). Wikipedias in five different languages ​​(English, German, Japanese, Dutch and Ukrainian) were involved. The third writing competition began on September 1, 2005. Over 70 articles were submitted, 11 of which were awarded. In the first 34 writing competitions, 1917 nominations were evaluated, of which about half could be placed. A large proportion of all articles taking part in the competition were awarded a quality label; More than a quarter of all competition entries have meanwhile become “excellent articles” (530), and a good sixth have been classified as “articles worth reading” (310). Overall, almost 20 percent of all "excellent" in Wikipedia (currently 2700 - as of August 12, 2021) started in writing competitions. A short statistical overview is available here.

Help for newbies

If this writing competition is your first contact with Wikipedia or if you are not sure what the goals of this competition are, perhaps the page Wikipedia: Writing Competition / Help can help you. If you would like to take part in the competition, but can't think of anything to write about, then Wikipedia will surely help you: Article requests. There are more than 1000 ideas for articles that have not yet been written. For authors who do not want to face the rather high demands of the writing competition or who are looking for a way to cut a smaller article bead, there is also a miniature competition running parallel to this. Short articles can be nominated there, the evaluation is done by the community.

Step-by-step instructions for participants

Choice of topic: First you look for a suitable topic. It is also possible to expand an already existing article, but only the expansion during the nomination and writing phase is counted as a competition entry. Nomination: If you want to take part in the competition, you can register your entry yourself at any time between September 1st and 30th. New nominations will be entered on this page in the Nominations section. At the same time you should insert the module {{writing competition}} at the end of the article and enter your competition article on the Wikipedia: Review / writing competition page. The review serves to improve the candidates collectively. A tip: the earlier you register the article, the more you benefit

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