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October 17, 2021

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Wikipedia: Statistics Meta: List of Wikipedias (English) - current statistics of all Wikipedias (including incubator wikis). Wikistats - i.a. Chronological development of the number of articles in all Wikipedia in the German language Wikipedia Special: List of Wikimedia wikis - List of all WikiMedia projects and the associated links Special: Interwiki table - Interwiki abbreviations for language versions, WMF projects and other websites Wikipedia: Embassy - the “messages” (representations) of other languages ​​in the German-language Wikipedia Wikipedia: Edge of the field - international cooperation in solving problems Wikipedia: Foreign Languages ​​- Working with many languages ​​and writing systems Wikipedia: Encyclopedia - Encyclopedia on and relating to Wikipedia Meta-project for coordination worldwide (English; partly translated) meta: Wikimedia projects - List of all WikiMedia projects and the associated links meta: Language version suggestion guidelines - How to start a new Wikipedia. Wikipedia statistics - List of the number of native speakers of the respective language (the page can be updated with a delay of more than 2 months). erwin85 / projects - Cloud / Helferlein, shows all over 900 WikiMedia projects and additional functionaries Wikia: Incubatorplus - Wikia extension of the Incubator for languages ​​without their own ISO-639 code Handbook of the multilingual Wikipedia - General information on the multilingualism of the free encyclopedia and its language versions


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