October 28, 2021

1844 (MDCCCXLIV) was a leap year started on Monday according to the Gregorian calendar.



The Conspiracy of the Ladder in Cuba is uncovered, by which the black slaves tried to get up to ask for their freedom, the Year of Leather begins. January 7: German Lutheran explorer, linguist and missionary Johann Ludwig Krapf arrives in Zanzibar. On March 13, he will travel to Mombasa and begin his missionary work in East Africa, focused on the Oromo people. [1]


February 1: In Algeria, after the conquest by France, the "Arab Offices" are created by General Thomas Robert Bugeaud under the authority of the direction of Arab Affairs in the French departments of Algeria: Algiers, Oran and Constantine. [ 2] February 27: Proclamation of the Independence of the Dominican Republic in the east of the island of Hispaniola, after 22 years of domination by Haiti. [3] February 28: In the United States, during the inauguration of the propeller frigate USS Princeton between Alexandria and Mount Vernon with hundreds of guests, including the President of the United States and much of the government, an accidental cannon explosion of 12 inches took place, killing six people, including the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Navy. [4]


March 3: In Tahiti, a French sentry is disarmed by a native, and the British Protestant missionary Georges Pritchard is arrested by the French as the instigator of the event, and expelled on March 13. Beginning of the Pritchard affair that caused significant tensions between France and Great Britain. [5] March 4: In Algeria, in the French war against Abd al-Qádir's forces, the Duke of Aumale took Biskra, who received submission from N'Gaous on March 24. [6] March 6: In Ghana an agreement is signed between the British Empire and the coastal Fanti peoples of the Gold Coast, in which they agreed to renounce human sacrifice and other barbaric customs, for the benefits of the British colonial administration. [ 7] March 8: Beginning of the reign of Oscar I, king of Sweden and Norway (until 1859), on the death of his father Carlos XIV of Sweden. [8] He will be a moderate liberal king, who will promote Scandinavianism with English support . [9] March 14: In Paraguay, at the end of the Consulate period, Carlos Antonio López is appointed first President of the Republic by Congress. [10] March 16: Greece adopts a constitution with a constitutional monarchy and a bicameral Parliament, inspired by the French constitution of 1830 and the Belgian one of 1831, with an Upper House of royal appointment, and a Lower House elected by universal suffrage. [11] March 21: In Tahiti, two French soldiers are killed by natives in the Taravao fort, triggering a bombardment of the coastal towns, and the beginning of a guerrilla war of the natives of the exiled queen Pōmare IV of Tahiti against France until the end of 1846. [12] March 21: New Year's Day (Naw-Rúz) and the beginning of the Baha'i calendar in the year El Bab announced the arrival of the prophet Bahá'u'lláh of the Baha'i faith. [13] March 21: Sultan Abdülmecit I of the Ottoman Empire signs an Edict of Tolerance under pressure from Great Britain to stop the persecutions of Christians, which prohibited the execution of apostates converted to Christianity, and allowed Jews to settle and buy land in Holy Land. [14] March 23: In Spain, Queen María Cristina returns from Rome to Madrid after her exile, at the fall of her in the government of General Espartero. [15] March 30: in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic) the second battle for the independence of that country is fought. General José María Imbert wins.


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