October 18, 2021

1971 (MCMLXXI) was a common year started on Friday according to the Gregorian calendar. It was declared the International Year for the Fight against Racism and Racial Discrimination by the United Nations.



3 of January: in Glasgow 66 people die when a railing of the Celtic stadium gives way due to the pressure of the spectators. January 4: Anwar el-Sadat recognizes the Soviet military presence in Egypt. January 8: in Uruguay, the Tupamaros kidnap British ambassador Geoffrey Jackson, keep him prisoner until September and release him after collecting a huge ransom January 10: in Uruguay, President Jorge Pacheco Areco assumes extraordinary powers to fight against the Tupamaro guerrillas. January 11: in Bolivia, Hugo Banzer Suárez assaults the General Staff. January 15: the Aswan Dam is officially inaugurated in Egypt. January 21: in the Dominican Republic the Basilica of Our Lady of Altagracia is inaugurated by President Joaquín Balaguer. January 25: in the United States, Charles Manson is sentenced to death for conspiracy. January 25: in Uganda, Idi Amin, head of the armed forces, carries out a coup d'état and takes the presidential command.


February 2: the convention on wetlands called the Ramsar Convention is adopted. February 2: Ecuador requests that the US forces stationed in its territory be withdrawn. February 3: OPEC unilaterally fixes oil prices. February 4: The British car company Rolls Royce publishes its bankruptcy file in court. February 5: In Uruguay, Líber Seregni founds the Broad Front (left coalition). February 7: in Switzerland women obtain the right to vote. February 7: Melchor Ortega, former president of the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party), is assassinated in Mexico. February 8: in the United States the first trading day of the NASDAQ takes place. February 9: In California, the Sylmar earthquake (magnitude 6.4 according to the Richter seismological scale) hits the San Fernando Valley area. February 9: As part of the Apollo Program, the American Apollo 14 spacecraft returns to Earth after the third landing on the moon. February 11: in the Soviet Union, the new Five-Year Plan is geared towards the production of consumer goods. February 13: in the framework of the Vietnam War, South Vietnamese troops invade Laos, supported by the United States. February 13: in Chile, the socialist president Salvador Allende nationalizes private banking. February 15: The United Kingdom and Ireland adopt the decimal system for their national currencies (the British pound and the Irish pound, respectively). February 16: off the coast of Almería (Spain), two boats with twelve crew members disappear without a trace, in the middle of a strong storm and after launching an SOS. February 19: Egypt proposes that Israel be recognized as a state in exchange for withdrawing from the occupied territories. February 22: in the United States, a false atomic alarm causes panic. February 22: in Montevideo the consul general of Brazil is released, after 205 days of kidnapping by the Tupamaros. February 26: in Cali (Colombia) one of the largest demonstrations in the country takes place by the Universidad del Valle against the privatization of education.


March 3: China launches its second satellite, China II. March 3: the Holy See and the Polish government reestablish relations, interrupted for eight years. March 3: the Franco dictatorship sanctions the Spanish filmmaker Juan Antonio Bardem. March 5: the Pakistani army occupies East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). March 12: in Syria, Hafez al-Assad becomes president. March 22: in Argentina, General Alejandro Agustín Lanusse illegitimately takes the p

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